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PEDEGO Electric Bike and Shuangye Electric Bike review

PEDEGO Electric Bike and Shuangye Electric Bike review

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego is offering something very special with the new 26″ Trail Tracker. It’s a medium sized fat tire electric bicycle that makes mounting, standing over, and controlling a lot easier for small and mid-sized riders. This is a large, relatively heavy, electric bike after all. The last thing you want is an off-balance stopped position or struggle even getting on. Amazingly, the company also offers a kid-sized 20″ Trail Tracker, and of course, they have the full sized 26″ model which is shown in the video review above to sort of contrast the size differences and show off a suspension fork add-on. All of these bikes share a similar look and have seen incremental improvements since 2013 when Pedego was using rear-rack batteries. By contrast, the newest models have downtube integrated packs that keep weight low and center and free up the back of the bike for swinging your leg over or adding your own aftermarket disc brake compatible rack like this. While this and other Trail Tracker models do not come cheap, they do offer excellent dealer support so you can get fitted and have somewhere to go if and when you need maintenance or upgrades. This is sort of a niche product, fat tire bikes were originally designed for use on sand or snow, but more and more people are buying them just for fun riding around the neighborhood. I love that Pedego opted for disc brakes given the larger size and continues to offer pedal assist and throttle so you get full power or efficiency based on your ride preference. They even threw on an integrated headlight to help you manage nighttime riding conditions… but you’ll have to use your own backlight. I often clip one onto my backpack or helmet. As a medium sized guy measuring ~5’9″ this bike felt great, and I had plenty of leg clearance. Note the 27.5″ effective standover height and measure your own inseam with shoes on to determine whether it would work for you.

The drive system consists of a powerful, high-end, hub motor from Dapu rated at 500+ watts. What makes it nice is how compact and quite it is despite being so powerful. It can peak out at over 850 watts and offers a max torque rating of 35 Newton meters which is a lot for a hub. Many companies are now offering mid-drive motors in place of or in addition to hub motors (which tend to cost less), the advantage is that you can leverage motor power more effectively… but they tend to wear the chain and gears down more quickly and rarely have throttle operation as an option. With the Dapu hub motor, Pedego offers both drive modes and it really doesn’t matter what gear you pedal with, the motor offers a smooth steady output. I think it blends in nicely between the large disc brake rotor on the left and the seven-speed cassette on the right. Seven gears isn’t a lot but the top assisted speed here is 20 mph so it’s good enough and the derailleur is two steps up from the base Shimano offering. In all truth, it’s a low/mid level setup and the shifter is not performance oriented, but the larger thumb levers make it easier to use when wearing gloves. There’s also a large window with clear readout for what gear is in use. This choice was probably a cost saving, snow or cold weather capable, entry-level friendly choice and it performed well enough during my tests. The cockpit is clean and easy to understand. I love that both brake levers have motor inhibitors built in so that when you pull, they instantly cut power to the motor as well as stop the wheels.

Powering the motor, backlit display, integrated USB charging port, and headlight is a custom designed downtube-inset battery pack. You can charge this thing on or off the bike, it has a little handle at the top for easy carrying, and while it does lock into the frame… you don’t have to leave the keys in to get it going (as some of the older Pedego models required). You get 36 volts, 11 amp hours to play with and I’d say that’s a touch above average in terms of capacity. The full sized Trail Tracker offers a 48-volt system which transfers electricity slightly more efficiently but that model also costs more and weighs about five pounds more. You’ll probably get a lot of attention and interest with the fat tires on their own so I like that the electric-bike aspect of this model is toned down a little, it just looks clean. The design also improves frame stiffness and spreads weight out evenly front to rear, making it feel more stable. Paul, the product manager, and designer for this bike, told me that they managed to shorten the wheelbase a bit for their 2017 Trail Tracker lineup and that the result was a tighter turning radius and more nimble handling.

Operating the bike is a simple two-step process and there are a couple of fun tricks and extras that the display offers this time around. Once the battery is charged and mounted, just press the silver circle button near the top of the pack and then click the power button on the LCD display panel. The screen flickers to life and shows your basic speed, assist level, and battery capacity readouts. I love that you can click set and + together to switch from battery voltage to cycle count and percentage because the five bar infographic just isn’t as precise as I prefer, percentage is definitely useful for a bike that’s heavier and less efficient like these fat tire models tend to be. The bike powers on in level zero which is what Pedego calls “freeride mode” and that’s just basically “no support” but you do get the display showing stats and the headlight going. As you press the plus button up through levels 1-5 the pedal assist sensor activates and starts listening for crank arm rotation. The new cadence sensor is compact and less likely to get bumped or thrown off with mud and water accumulation. In any of these five levels you can use the half-grip twist throttle on the left grip for instant power. This is a wonderful tool for starting after a stop sign or adding power to climb a hill or catch up to a friend. Why not have a throttle?! Well, it does change the bike from Class 1 to Class 2 which is technically not allowed on some trails but in my experience, the motor is not powerful enough to spin out or cause trail damage so the distinction is a little silly. The top speed here is 20 mph but you can certainly pedal or coast faster than that… to a degree. The seven speed cassette is only going to let you pedal so fast. Anyway, the final setting is level six which is throttle only. This is nice if you get spooked with pedal assist and don’t want to be surprised when accidentally forgetting and moving the cranks. Note the USB charging port at the base of the control panel, this is great fo use with a smartphone GPS, extra lights (some users string Christmas lights on their bikes for fun) or a portable bluetooth speaker system.

Shuangye Electric Bike A6AH26F  48V750W 13AH Battery

Different with hub motor, 750w mid dirve bafang motor is not built into the wheel, but is usually mounted near the bottom of bike frame. Thus the propulsion is provided at the pedals rather than at the wheel, being eventually applied to the wheel via the bike’s drive train. 

LCD display

Equipped with a mid drive motor bafang LCD display and a three-button control element. The large display panel informs about all important driving data like speed, support level, driving distance, battery status and time. The up and down buttons can adjust Pedal-Assist Level(from 0 to 5). The front light can be switched on at night or in bad weather.

Removable battery

This mid drive ebike use hidden battery design which is in the bike frame, and was allowed 36V 10AH lithium battery. And on a sigle full charging, this mid drive ebike’s mileage range can get 25-30 miles under E-bike mode and 50-60 miles under Pedal-Assisted mode. Combine two modes, help you cycling easily and faster than normal bike. And its removable function make you take out the battery easily to charge at any place where have sockets. And Its charging time is 5-7 hours.

160 disc brake

To make ensure each rider have a comfortable and security cycling condition, we use a pair of  aluminum alloy brake lever and 160 mechanical disc brake system on each mid drive ebike. Both of them can stop the bicycle front wheel or rear wheel easily when rider press the aluminum alloy lever.

Shuangye 1000w Electric Bike fat tire A7AT26 48V1000W

48V 1000W electric fat tire mountain bike,Upgrade high power electric fat tire mountain bike use 1000W mini brushless motor, which is operating more steady and more efficient. Combine with 48v larger capacity lithium battery to reach farther and faster needs. Three riding modes – E-Bike mode, Pedal-Asisst mode, Pedaling mode. This electric fat tire mountain bike also can meet your needs, like outdoor off road, outside exercise, casual riding, daily commuting.

Motor: 750w/1000w
Battery: 48v 20ah/23ah/30ah
Max Speed: 30 – 45km/h
Max Range:40-60 km
Tyre: 26″*4.0
Max Load: 120-150kgs
Charging time: 7-8 hours
Gear: 7/9/21/27 gears
Brake System: 180mm mechanical disc brake

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