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Proper body position on a road bike

Proper body position on a road bike

body position

How to ride in the proper body position on a road bike

Riding in a balanced and relaxed body position may seem to be a basic skill for road cyclists, but even experienced riders can hardly do this and can be frustrating for beginners. After getting a professional bike fit, when diagnosing pain while riding, the next step is usually to consider the proper body position. It may sound simple, but reminding yourself to relax your shoulders when riding long distances or working hard can save you from neck pain the next day.

What is a good neutral position for road bikes?

A good neutral riding position starts from the head to the feet. During long-distance riding, occasionally check your body position to make sure that you have not re-formed bad riding habits.

body position1. Relax your shoulders, put them down, away from your ears. If you have been climbing hard, you may notice that those shoulders harden and start climbing again.
2. Lowering your shoulders away from your ears can free your head and make turning and finding traffic easier. It can actually help you stay alert!
3. Bend your elbows! Just like riding a mountain bike, relax and bend your elbows while riding, allowing your arms to hang like a suspension. If you encounter potholes or bumps on the road, your arms can help you absorb the impact. Unlike the body position of a mountain bike, your elbows should be tucked at your sides, rather than spread out like wings. Keeping your elbows bent can also reduce the pressure on your shoulders and make your hands less stressed when riding.
4. However, the wrist should not be bent. Keep your fingers in a straight line from the elbow to the brake. If this is difficult, it may be a problem with the bike setup, and you should discuss the position of the brake lever and hood with a professional bike assembler.
5. Keep the spine neutral. what does this mean? Well, this is a bit like yoga. If you are familiar with the cat and cow poses in yoga, any of the poses on the saddle can cause lower pain and bike inefficiency. Your back should be relaxed, keeping a fairly straight line between your hips and shoulders. The best way to check this position while riding is to ask yourself: Is my core engaged? If your abdomen muscles rest while riding, it may lead to a listless riding position, which may put pressure on some parts of your hands, shoulders or crotch!
6. Make sure your knees are on your feet/pedals. If you bend your knees to one side while riding, it may look a little funny, and it will definitely cause inefficiency and pain.
body position

When do I use drops?

One of the cool things about road bikes is that there are three places you can let go! The handlebars seem to be deliberate, because the purpose of road bikes is to allow the rider to travel long distances in a very stationary position. There are multiple places where you can let go that allows you to change your body position to use different muscle groups and change your center of gravity.
Descent is good for downhill! Although it may be a little scary at first, lowering your hand to the “drop point” of the handlebar is ideal for downhills. By placing your hands on the crossbar, the center of gravity is lowered, which actually puts a little extra pressure on the front wheels. This will increase traction and balance when riding downhill. You will also have better brake grip!
The hood is where you ride most of the time. The driving hood allows you to easily shift gears and apply the brakes while maintaining a relaxed riding position.
Only when there is no traffic, put your hands on the top of the handlebar for a long, stable climb. Unless you have access to the brakes on the top of the handlebars, riding in this position is a bit dangerous. However, during long, stable climbing, this position can help you recover and breathe more smoothly. It’s not a good idea if you are riding in traffic or downhill with your hands on the handlebars, because even if you can use the brakes, you cannot control the bike.
body position

My hands are going numb when riding a bike, what’s the matter?

We always hear this in group cycling. You stop to take a sip of water, your hands are numb. Why? Although this may be a problem with the bike fitness, if you are sure that the bike’s reach is acceptable, there may be a problem with your body position. Usually, your fingers and hands will be numb because they are not getting proper blood flow/circulation. Therefore, please check to make sure your elbows are relaxed and slightly bent while riding. Riding with your arms straight will put a lot of weight on your hands and handlebars. Check the alignment of your wrists. If your wrist is bent, this may hinder the normal blood circulation in your hand. If you want to prevent wrist pain, you can go to the following website to find out. How to prevent wrist pain when riding a bike

Many bicycle enthusiasts don’t know what’s happening with cyclist hemp. There are many reasons for numbness.

1. Poor blood
Many people have been riding in one posture, but a long-term grip in a posture can easily cause blood loss, which can lead to numbness in the hands. It is recommended that people who ride long distances change the grip position from time to time to relieve postural fatigue and allow blood to circulate. , Or soak your hands in hot water to speed up blood circulation, thereby alleviating the problem of poor blood circulation. You can install the vice-bar on the handlebar, but you should pay attention to the road when holding the vice-bar, so that you can switch to the main brake in time.

2. Tired hands
Because you need to grasp the direction with your fingers, your hands will naturally be tired and sleepy if you hold the handlebars with your fingers for a long time. If you ride continuously for too long, you will naturally get sleepy and numb hands. In this case, it is recommended to ride a bicycle with numb hands. People come down to rest and let their hands rest.

3. High discomfort
Correctly adjust the height of the handlebar and cushion. Because the height of the seat and the handlebar is inappropriate, it may also cause numbness of the hand muscles, so you must adjust the height of the seat and the handlebar before riding to make yourself more comfortable.

4. Blowing and catching cold
Cyclists who pursue riding speed too much are likely to catch the wind and catch the cold, with their hands at the forefront, and bear the brunt of the irritation from the cold wind. Cold numbness is also a cause of hand numbness. It is recommended that you should do it when riding a bicycle. Make sure your hands are not cold, and you must wear gloves when you go out to ride a bicycle in winter.

5. Cervical spondylosis
Hand numbness cannot be ruled out for cervical spondylosis, because cervical spondylosis can compress blood vessels and nerves and cause people to have hand numbness. This may be due to outstanding performance when riding a bicycle and an unnatural neck. It is more likely to be a sequelae of using a computer to hold the mouse for a long time. Everyone should do a good job of cervical spine health care.

Reminding your abs to do a little work will definitely relieve your hand pressure!

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