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Recommend a electric mountain bike with front motor

Recommend a electric mountain bike with front motor

Which types of electric mountain bike is the most common you saw in your life? The answer must be hub motor electric mountain bike and mid-drive motor electric mountain bike. Compared with rear hub motor electric mountain bike, front motor electric bike is rarely in the market. If you like the front motor electric mountain bike and looking for it, that one front motor electric mountain bike – A6AH26 – from Shuangye electric bike, which is a 12 years electric mountain bike professional manufacturer, is great for you. Next let us show you some information about this front motor electric mountain bike to make you know it better.

First, the biggest difference of this electric mountain bike is motor position. Most of electric mountain bikes often installed motor on the rear wheel, but this bike installed a 36V 250W motor on the front wheel. there are two advantage about front hub motor. one is moving the motor forwards to the front wheel solves the problem of weight distribution, it can cause a different problem: traction control. Because there is already very little weight on the front wheel of the electric mountain bike, compared to the rear, a front hub motor has less traction. Another is that it is easier to install than rear hub motors. Do not need to transfer over the freewheel or try to adjust the derailleur to get rid of that chain noise.

The 36V 10AH hidden lithium-ion battery was installed in the frame of electric mountain bike which is also the one of highlights of electric mountain bike. It is not easy to find out the battery on the electric mountain bike when you first time to see it. And the electric mountain bike charge time is 4-6.5h hours and the bike can travel up to 40-60 km after fully charge. You can remove the battery from the frame of electric mountain bike just need to turn its key.

The frame of front motor electric mountain  bike made up 6061 aluminum alloy material. Making the frame of electric mountain bike more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity of front motor electric mountain bike. And the front motor electric mountain bike was equipped with a lock and unlock suspension aluminum alloy front fork.  In order to provides users enough braking force to respond to various terrain situations, the bike installed 160 mechanical disc brake system to protect your safety while you biking. It also equipped with a bright 3W front light and USB charging port.

LCD digital big screen display not only can show you this front motor electric mountain bike operating information, but also do the best to maximize your view comfort to catch the information what you want. And the intelligent controller system and large format LCD screen display system make controlling the bike more simple. The LCD directly shows distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, real-time pedal assist level  and error sign. It also features a thumb throttle so no pedaling is required can enjoy a easing and leisure cycling journey.

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