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Ride an Electric Bike With a few tips

Riding an electric bike is fun, a great exercise, and good for your health. While e-bikes and conventional bicycles have many similarities, there are also a few different details worth paying attention to.


How to ride an electric bike? Make sure the battery is fully charged. Learn how to use an electric power level, how to change gears, how to mount on an e-bike when going uphill, take a turn, or use precautions when taking breaks.


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In this article, we will discuss how to ride an electric bike. We’ll discuss the preparation phase, while on the road, and basic safety and maintenance tips. let’s start.

Before you travel on an electric bike, make sure all the basics are in place.


The battery is fully charged. Although, of course, you can ride an e-bike like a regular bike, but simply pedal forward and the battery and motor will give you the extra electric assist that makes an e-bike an e-bike!


A fully charged battery may not be necessary for your first trip, but it’s usually best to have a full battery in case you need that power to get you where you want to go.


The helmet is on and adjusted. Wearing a bicycle helmet is an essential safety measure. As the saying goes, wear a helmet if you have protection, and don’t wear it if you don’t. Wear a helmet at all times!


The water bottle is full. I’ve noticed that when I start something new, do something for the first time, I often get thirsty very quickly. Are stress levels rising? I do not know. But I find having a bottle of water always helps. Electric bike touring is no exception. Carry a full bottle of water with you. You won’t regret it later.


Check tire pressure. Needless to say, an e-bike is still a bike. Make sure your tires are well inflated before starting your trip. Incorrectly inflated tires are dangerous to ride. Under-inflated tires won’t make you go fast.


When riding with tires that are not inflated to the standard, you will have to put in more effort. Standard e-bike tire pressures are around 2-2.4 bar (30 to 40 psi). Check it on your pump. Most pumps will display tire pressure.


Consider an air pump and a small repair kit. It is always recommended to carry a simple bike air pump and emergency repair kit with you. If you have them, take them with you on the go.


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Turn on the electric bike. In order for the wheels of an e-bike to turn, you first need to turn on the power system. The electrical switch is usually located on the battery. Press lightly.

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A light signal on the battery will indicate that the battery and power system are activated. This should also turn on the control display on the handlebars. You are all set.


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Use electric assist. When you start, your e-bike won’t use electricity initially. Electric assist will be in off mode. When you start pedaling, switch it from off to the first electric speed (often called ECO mode) and you’ll feel that the bike is now helping you pedal with its motor power.


Depending on the model, e-bikes can have 3-4 to 8-9 levels of electric assist. The most common models have four or five. For example, they can be OFF, ECO, TOUR, TURBO, and SPEED. Each level of electric assist provides higher power, so the battery can be discharged faster.


Switch gears. For each level of electric assist, most e-bike models also have a corresponding mechanical gear. Similar to a traditional bike, there are gears on the left side of the handlebar and gears on the right side of the handlebar. The electric assist level is usually on the left and the mechanical gear (or speed) is on the right.


Even in a single ECO mode, eight different mechanical speeds are available, which is already suitable for various terrains and training levels of cyclists.


How are electric bikes different when riding

Remain seated. One detail to pay attention to when riding an e-bike is to stay seated at all times while riding. This is important when you use electric assist equipment. The motor adjusts its rotational power according to the steady pedaling force around you.


If you stand up, your pedals will become more unstable, which confuses the motor, making it rev and slow down, which is not the best mode to operate the motor.


Always maintain traction. Another element unique to e-bikes is maintaining traction on both wheels at all times. Mountain e-bikes vary in this regard, but with all other types of e-bikes, it makes sense to keep both wheels on the ground while riding.


This has to do with weight and power distribution when riding an e-bike. One wheel receives power from the electric motor, and the second wheel stabilizes the bike on its track. This balance cannot be maintained if one of the wheels is in the air.


Turn on the electric bike. Turning on an e-bike is very similar to turning on a conventional bike. Also, there are some details. Electric bikes generally have a lower center of gravity than conventional bikes. This is because the motor (usually the battery) is located lower – closer to the ground.


Simple turns at low speeds are no problem. When turning at higher speeds, make sure to stop pedaling when entering the turn, stand half-stand, and then lean slightly into the turn to allow your e-bike to follow the turn. After exiting the turn, you can sit down again and start pedaling to accelerate.

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Break the electric bike. Since e-bikes have a low center of gravity, it makes sense to stand up and put the power of your body weight on the handlebars when braking quickly. This will raise the center of gravity, making the experience more similar to a traditional bike.


Electric bike speed limit. Each level of electric assist on an e-bike usually has its own preset speed limit.


The usual top speed limit is 25 kilometers per hour (or 15-16 miles per hour), so the top electric assist level will be cut at 25 kilometers per hour. Take these preset limits into account.


Yes, you can still pedal faster, or if you’re going downhill, but your electric motor won’t help you ride past a preset speed level.


Some extra tips for a happy electric bike

Go uphill. When riding an e-bike uphill, you need to pedal faster. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to pedal harder. Use mechanical gears to adjust how hard each level of electric assist is. When you pedal faster, you will get more power from the motor, which will make it easier for you to climb hills.


For steep hills, it helps maintain 80 to 90 rpm. Once you pedal at this speed, you will feel like your effort level is actually much lower and you are getting a lot more support from the motor than pedaling slower.


Mount the electric bike on the mountain. If you have to get off an e-bike on an uphill climb, it can be challenging to get back on your feet and start over.


Use the following techniques to help start on the mountain:


Position your e-bike at a 45-degree angle to the hillside.

Put one pedal on at 13 hours, then put the second pedal down.

Put one foot on the top pedal.

Switch the power assist to TURBO mode.

Quickly mount your e-bike while pressing the top pedal.

When you start pedalling, TURBO mode will quickly give you enough power assist to carry you up the hill.


When You Arrive – Core Maintenance

Charge the battery. When you arrive from your trip, put the battery back in to charge. I always do this just to make sure I’m well prepared for my next trip. Sad to find out that you can’t go on your next trip just because you don’t have enough battery power.


Use only original battery chargers designed for your battery. It is well known that non-original battery charging can damage the battery and even cause a fire. It only makes sense to stick with the original battery charger.


Check tire pressure. Just to make sure you haven’t lost any tire pressure during the trip, which may require a tire change. Another good and easy to follow practice is to be better prepared for your next trip.


Closing Comments – E-Bikes Are Fun

Riding an e-bike must be fun.


Get the basics ready for your trip. Charge the battery, check tire pressure, put on a helmet, and don’t forget a bottle of water.


Learn why and how riding an e-bike is different from a traditional bike. Learn how to use electric assist, how to shift gears, how to mount on an e-bike when going uphill, take a turn, or use precautions when taking breaks.

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