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Riding gloves:Are riding gloves so important?

Riding gloves:Are riding gloves so important?

riding gloves

After riding, have you ever felt numbness, tingling, and weakness in your hands? If your answer is YES, then you may be guilty of hand overuse. Recognize the common sports injuries while riding in time. In fact, as long as the adjustment of movements and the use of equipment can help you avoid injuries. 

I have seen that many riders have the habit of not wearing gloves when riding bicycles. It seems that gloves are not part of the protective gear in the eyes of most people. In fact, gloves also play a very important role in protective gear. In the eyes of many people, gloves are worn in winter. In fact, as a cyclist, you must wear riding gloves as long as you ride a bicycle. Today, Xiaobu will take a look at the role of riding gloves with everyone, and hope that riders can pay attention to the role of riding gloves.

1 Keep warm

riding glovesMany people think that gloves are worn in winter because one of the most important functions of gloves is to protect against cold and warmth. The same is true for riding gloves.

I don’t know how to ride a bike without gloves in winter. I still remember that it was a cold winter. I was eating hot pot and singing songs with my friends. If I didn’t pay attention, I would go to the big night and when I went home. The temperature was already very low, so I rode back without wearing gloves, and my fingers were frozen out of control. At that time, I felt that I couldn’t press the brakes.

Therefore, riding gloves are essential to keep warm and cold, and can effectively prevent hands from frostbite.

2 Easy to wipe sweat

riding glovesIt is inevitable to sweat when riding a bicycle. If you encounter climbing, the sweat will be like rain. At this time, the back of the riding gloves can wipe off the sweat, which is not very convenient.

3 Non-slip

There must be many people who like to sweat their hands, especially when riding in summer, so wearing gloves can effectively prevent slippage. Moreover, the contact between riding gloves and the grip will have better grasping ability, much better than bare hands.

4 Injury protection

riding glovesWhen a bicycle crashes, people usually use their hands for support subconsciously. At this time, it is easy to cause injuries to the hands, and hand injuries will have a great impact on work and life. If you wear riding gloves, it can play a certain protective role and reduce the degree of injury.

5 Shockproof

Many friends will feel numbness in their hands and posture problems during riding. It is very likely that your hands need to be shockproof. Riding gloves can play a certain cushioning role and provide hand comfort during riding.

6 Sun protection

riding glovesGirls should be more concerned about this. Meimei’s hands will not be tanned well. Cycling gloves can be used for physical
protection, but remember to wear full fingers, otherwise the sun will be more ugly.

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