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Riding your touring electric bike in hot weather

Riding your touring electric bike in hot weather

In some areas, there are will be get a little high temperature in a few of days of summer. It can turn pleasant riding into challenging experiences, but that doesn’t mean a little heat should stop you from enjoying a nice riding. In fact, the scorching weather conditions can sometimes make a cycling riders prefer to ride his or her touring electric bike with the throttle mode. However, the battery power of touring electric bike is limited, pedaling your bike in hot weather is not necessarily impossible and here are a few tips to help people how to keep cool and ride a little longer when you riding your touring electric bike in hot weather.

Wear the thin clothes

Considering effective perspiration, thin clothes can facilitate evaporation for faster cooling. Choosing thin clothes is the first steep when we need to riding your touring electric bike in hot weather. And than choosing the right fabrics is also necesaary. Basically there will be no one is going to wear silk to biking, most of people will opt cotton clothing even it also not an ideal since this clothing fabrics tends to absorb and retain sweat. It would be make us feel uncomfortable even sick.

So “technical” fabrics like lycra and spandex is a nice choice. They are not only thin enough also effective perspiration. Actually you don’t need to considerate too much, just ride comfortable and moisture wicking fabrics and thin clothing will really help you be comfortable while staying a little cooler in the heat.

Wrap an icy or a wet cloth

If you feel the temperature is too high during cycling, try to wrap a wet cloth around the neck will do wonders to keep yourself cool. For optimal heat relief, shoving ice cubes in a specially stitched bandana will offer a lasting and an intense chill.

A bottle of Freeze water

Actually freezing water is a simple and efficient trick to keep water colder longer. Ice will melt during riding touring electric bike in hot weather, providing cold water on the riding way, getting rid of thirsty and heat. Here is one thing need to notice that the frozen water should not be filled more than three quarter of bottle. This avoid any amount beyond this will burst the bottles because of expansion while freezing.

Squirting water on body

Squirting water is another way to keep cool to during biking in hot weather. Using a bottle to squirt water on the cyclist’s body, especially head, after every fifteen minutes is also another way to help to keep cool. Because the water being cooler than the head will offer an immediate temperature relief. Keeping you cool riding your touring electric bike in summer.

The body will always loss of water while your cycling touring electric bike in hot weather, so drink plenty of water to pevent heat stroke or over dehydration. There tips are suitable for electric bike cyclists and bike cyclists.

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