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Road bike beginners: everything you need to know

Road bike beginners: everything you need to know!

Road bike beginnersWant to try a road bike, but don’t know where to start? let me help you. Unlike ordinary bikes, riding a road bike can make you go further and pay more attention to health. For road bike beginners, riding a road bike is a personal challenge, although it is also competitive. So, how do you start road cycling?

1. Buy a bike

Cycling on the road is a bit different from ordinary walking. To help you ride longer distances, road bikes include things like thin tires and bends. In order to be as light as possible, they are a professional type of bike, so the price is slightly increased. If it’s cheaper, you’d better consider a hybrid or commuter bike. Of course, second-hand goods are also an option. Once you have decided how much it will cost, you may want to think about the ride you want to do. Pure road cycling, or is it possible to go off-road? How flexible is your back? After making a decision, you can browse related posts on the Internet, then go to the local bike shop to buy, and try to ride.

Road bike beginners

2. Accessories

The staff at the bike shop must be very fond of selling these to you. But what do you really need? First of all, the helmet is wise. Compared to the cheap uniform size design, the mid-range is worth a try because it will be lighter, cooler and more suitable. After dark, remember to turn on the lights when cycling. In addition, if you want to park your bike on the street, you need a lock and spend 10% of the bike’s value on the lock. Self-sufficiency is worthwhile, so you should always bikery multifunctional tools for adjustment, plus a pump, tire lever, and spare inner tube. The price of water bottles and bottle cages is not high, you need them on long trips.

If your hands are prone to soreness or slippage, consider buying a pair of gloves. However, for bikes, professional cycling clothes will make you feel more comfortable. In addition, if your hands are prone to soreness or slippery, consider buying a pair of gloves. In addition, a jacket or windbreaker with pockets on the back will help you, but it must be breathable.

Road bike beginners

3. Stay safe

If you ride a bike on the road, you should understand the traffic rules. Even if you are sure of what you want to do, it is a good idea to find a relatively safe and quiet place to practice. Once you are ready to hit the road, try to ride as predictably and decisively as possible. Be clear in your mind what you want to do, clearly communicate your intentions to other road users, and then act confidently when you are sure that it is safe to do so. Give yourself and other road users some space, and be aware that the faster you go, the greater the distance you need to pull.

We have already mentioned the importance of wearing a helmet while riding, but staying safe on your bike is more than just protecting your head-especially during a global pandemic. The CDC guidelines have recently been updated, suggesting that “cloth masks should be worn in public places where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

When riding alone, please bring basic multi-function tools, identification, cash (US dollar bills can also be used as tire boots) and mobile phone in case of emergency. Although we don’t want to admit it, sometimes not all rides go according to plan-don’t find yourself trapped on the side of the road after a crash, or unable to repair machinery without assistance.

Always follow local traffic laws when riding-this includes stopping completely at all stop signs and red lights (even when riding in groups), and using appropriate hand signals when changing lanes or turning. Also, don’t assume that the cars behind you know you are there because you are in their lane. The more you know about your surroundings, the more you can anticipate any driver’s carelessness or danger on the road.

Earphones or earplugs should not be worn when riding outdoors. If you need music to stimulate motivation while riding, choose a small Bluetooth speaker and store it in your pocket or bottle cage.

4. Step by step

When you start to ride more, your body will adapt to the stress of riding. When this happens, it should become easier. At the same time, it will also allow you to ride faster and longer. This means that now may be a good time to buy more tools. A pair of cycling pants that won’t make your butt hurt, a GPS stopwatch that can help you record progress or navigate new routes, and professional shoe locks and pedals, which will make you more efficient and keep your feet comfortable. But more important than squandering money is to develop good habits. You want to make sure you know how to fix common mechanical failures, such as a broken tire; make sure to bring a bunch of snacks with you; and find a quiet route near you. Try to make time to ride on a regular basis, or meet some cyclists. Start to understand what you like and what you might be good at.

Road bike beginners

5. Find some friends

Some cyclists are happy to ride alone, while others like to go in company. However, riding with other people not only provides motivation, it also allows you to leverage each other, share the workload, and increase your average speed. If you can’t find a team from your side, you can consider joining a club. This will not only make you ride faster, but also meet more people, find new routes, and make the most of your new hobbies. During the search, you will find that there are many different types of bike clubs. Some people are more focused on skills, while others are casual riding and more social. Either way, most clubs will organize different types of cycling events for different abilities. Of course, if you are already fast enough, you can consider training with the club’s great gods. However, group riding may be something to look forward to in a few months, but it is not right now.
For those who like to be competitive, consider participating in local cycling races

6. Have a plan

Cycling brings countless challenges. The first is to maintain balance and not to fall off. Once you master this, you can set a goal of 50 kilometers for a ride, and then gradually increase it. Taking a bike on a trip is also a great way to discover new challenges. You can plan to travel through the three counties, or cycle around China. For those who like to be competitive, you can consider participating in local cycling events, which is also a good way to motivate yourself to train. No matter what inspires you, choose a challenge and put it on your task list. It will help you make the most of your cycling time.

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