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Saddle height guide: How to set your saddle height?

Saddle height guide: How to set your saddle height?

saddle height

Now more and more people ride a bike, but many people don’t know how to adjust a correct saddle height, which may take some time, but finding the right point is very important for comfort, performance and injury prevention.

Finding the best saddle height is almost the basis of bike fit – the distance between the bottom bracket and the top of the seat plays an important role in comfort, power output and overall performance. Moreover, finding your best saddle height can improve your treading efficiency, improve your riding comfort and, most importantly, help to avoid long-term injury.

A professional rider said that when I ride a bike, everything starts from the saddle height, and everything else, such as the handlebar height and son on, is placed in the back. And then he also said that know the saddle height that suits you is important, because you need to be comfortable when you ride a bike, so you can ride longer and better. He thinks adjust the right height can also prevent injuries-due to being too low or too high. The resulting over-stretching problem. Really, riding a bike shouldn’t cause any injury unless you fall off the bike.

Here’s how to adjust your saddle height for perfect pedaling

The first thing is let you clear thing that the saddle height is the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the center of the saddle.

There are many methods, formulas, and magical calculations – but the following are recommended.

The first ways

To set the saddle height, please sit on the bike, put your heel in the middle of the pedal shaft, make it at the farthest point, and make the crank and seat tube in a straight line. Your legs should be straight. Don’t touch the pedal by shaking your hips. Try putting your feet on the floor. You should be able to touch the ground with the tip of your toes while still keeping the bike straight.
Of course, the front and rear and height of the saddle are equally important. If you change the front / rear, it will affect the saddle height, so please repeat the saddle height measurement. After that, I suggest you go through a trial and error process by bike
If it feels too low, move the saddle up by 1mm. If it still feels low, move it up by 1mm, and vice versa. If you are too high, you will feel you swing on the saddle or feel nervous behind your knees. If it is too low, you will feel pressure in front of your knee.
One of the most common signs of incorrect saddle height: knee pain
If you have such a problem, it means that your saddle height is wrong. Although there may be other reasons and individual reactions may vary, usually too low a saddle will cause pain in front of the knee, while too high a saddle will cause pain behind the knee or in the hamstring.

Another ways

If you prefer mathematics and formula, there is another measurement method of thigh internal measurement.

Stand your feet apart (take off your shoes), place a level between your legs, and mark the point where the top is on the wall. Note the distance from the floor to the dot and multiply by 0.9.

This is because the theory only studies basic mathematics-and objects are not formulated. The bicycle assembler explained: “People have different muscle tensions. Therefore, the height of the saddle produced by this may feel too low for people who are very mobile. For people with tight muscles. , It may feel too high.

The heel pedal method takes this into account, because a moving person makes the leg fully straight, while a tight person may have a slight bend that feels like a full extension without realizing any bending. This is not a The formula requires the individual to consider the difference.

Still can’t get it?

Therefore, for those who wish to ride a road bike comfortably, the heel pedal method seems to be the best choice. However, the ideal bike suitability involves more factors. When you need a professional bicycle assembler to inspect, something will happen.

If you really feel uncomfortable, then buying a bicycle is worth it. There are too many factors involved, such as saddle tilt, front and rear, and splint adjustment. It’s also worth repeating this process for each bicycle. “Some people will say they use the same measurement method,” someone said.

But the saddles are different-some are slightly lowered. The position of the forward pelvis and lower back may vary from bike to bike. When it comes to time trial bikes, a road racer turns to a triathlete to hone his expertise in this field, and he always recommends booking with professionals. 

The bow and the stern are really different-especially the modern position is as forward and as low as possible. You require your pelvis to rotate completely.

This is a completely different topic, and I want to say that there is no formula. We need to make sure that the rider can maintain the position and generate momentum there. You can only really do this through bike fit.

PS: people have different muscle tensions. So for a very active person, the resulting saddle height may feel too low. For people with tense muscles, they may feel too high.
If you try to improve your flexibility, you may need to adjust your saddle height accordingly. Flexible people can usually adjust the cushion height higher.
The first method takes this into account, because a flexible person can make his legs completely straight, while a muscular person may bend slightly, but he feels fully extended and is not aware of any bending. So the first method is more applicable

Moreover, not all bikes have the same crank length. Longer or shorter cranks will produce different knee angles, so if you upgrade or buy a new bike, you should consider the differences.

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