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Small electric bikes for small riders

Small electric bikes for small riders

Electric bikes is a good transportation for everyone whatever what you want to do with it. It not only can save money, but also keep fit and connect with your neighborhood. However, it is difficult to find one that fits properly to be safe for smaller riders. Although many companies have several models of small electric bikes, there is far for enough. Electric bikes can make pedaling easier because of battery and motor but they also add weight which makes transporting difficult.

As a electric bike manufacturer, we know the series of challenges of small electric bike riders. We know the major market seems fixated on high power and speed in the recent years, but it is also someone want slower, less powerful small electric bikes. For these people, big electric bikes would make them don’t feel security and difficult to  deal with the added weight of large motor and battery, even can’t control the bike well. Next, I will point out some of small electric bikes, which are from our company – Shuangye, for small riders. I hope this post you can get something useful.

These some models of small electric bikes are designed to work well for small electric bike riders, the smaller wheel size keeps the center of balance low and the small bike frame makes people standing over much easier.

City mini electric bike A1-S

A feature complete city style small electric bike that’s well balanced, beautifully designed and easy to mount and ride. Comes with front lights, fenders, aluminum alloy fork and tool-free adjustable head post and seat post. All of those make you use this bike more convenience. 14-inch mini wheels are suitable for modern style, not to mention matching collapsible frame design to make this bike stylish and portable. Here is a best thing is hidden battery which makes the bike appearance elegant. If you need a tool for commuting, maybe it is your best transportation choice.

14-inch city electric bike A1-Q

If 14-inch mini electric bike is meet your requirement, here is another city electric bike for you, which is also 14-inch mini wheel. Unlike normal size electric bikes, a smaller version 14-inch city electric bike that’s easier to mount, it offers great power thanks to its smaller wheels paired with a 250 watt geared hub motor and 36 volt battery. Offers thumb throttle and five levels of assist for long riding, throttle assist you ride this bike without pedal, pedal assist for saving battery power to ride a long time.

Full suspension electric bike A1-R

A premium quality folding small electric bike with a 250 watt brushless hub motor in the rear wheel and a 7 speed gear in the rear. The two start modes with thumb throttle and pedal assistance for pedaling+motor support. The front fork of bike used aluminum alloy suspension and the bike also equipped with a rear shock absorber. Whatever for commuting or leisure riding, it will give your enough shock absorption while biking.

Foldable urban electric bike A1-7

Foldable electric bike offering a great combination of utility at a low price.  This bike equipped with fenders, rear rack, front lights and aluminum alloy fork, all make you have a comfortable riding. The powerful brushless geared 250 watt hub motor combined with a 36 volt battery capacity for good climbing and long riding. For you convenience, this bike used removable hidden battery. If this bike has any problem because of battery, it is easy to check out and replace the battery.

Fat tire mountain electric bike A6AH20F

If you not only like fat tire wheels, but also mountain electric bike. This bike would be the great choice for you, all of it meet your needs. This fat tire electric bike is equipped with 20-inch small KENDA fat tire wheels. This bike also an great small electric bike for small riders. It can assist you ride on different terrains, like hilly areas or flat areas. And this bike also have two different motor power for you choose, 250-watt and 350-watt depend on your requirements. If you just use it in city, 250-watt power is enough for your daily traveling. If you live in hilly ares maybe more high power can make you biking easier.

This post just show 5 small electric bikes that work well for small riders. Actually, riding electric bikes have many benefits, it is also one of the best ways to relax, connect with your community and keep healthy (either by reducing stress or getting a cardiovascular workout) is cycling. You can do it with bike at anywhere and use the bike work in to a busy schedule to help you save more time and energy.

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