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Sondors electric bike and hotebike fat tire electric bike

Sondors electric bike and hotebike fat tire electric bike

The electric bicycle industry is still in its adolescent phase, and the budget e-bike category is even younger. That makes a company like Sondors, which debuted its first $500 budget electric bike back in 2015, practically a dinosaur.But if you thought Sondors wasn’t relevant anymore, then think again. The company not only has an expansive line of diverse e-bike models, but is now launching a new campaign known as Electric For Everyone designed to get more bottoms on e-bike seats. And you’ll want to pay attention to the deals Sondors is including with this campaign.

Despite having sold over 50,000 e-bikes in the last five years, Sondors wants to go even bigger.The company’s bikes have come a long way since then, and the prices have risen accordingly.
With many of Sondors’ e-bikes sporting prices in the four-figure territory, the company’s latest Electric for Everyone campaign is turning heads for its never-before-seen-pricing.
As the company explained in a statement sent to Electrek:

Sondors electric bike

Sondors electric bike Specifications:
Motor:500 WATT
Controllor:20 AMP
Battery:48V 17.5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells
Range:40-60 miles*
Speed:Up to 20 mph
Charging:3A Smart Charger Included
Wheels:Aluminum Rims
Gears:7-speed With Grip Shifter
Seat:Premium Ergonomic Gel
LCD Screen:Black/White Digital
Frame:Forged Aluminum
Tires:26 x 4.9″
Total Weight:67 lbs
Standover Height:30”

Load Capacity:300 lbs



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