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HOTEBIKE’s electric bikes offer the most power and dependability of ANY electric bike (ebike) on the market! With a 2000 watt, 60 volt, hub-driven motor, and a range of over 30 miles per charge, our bikes were built with the hardcore rider in mind! With standard features like shock absorbers, fenders, headlight, narrow handlebars, and an LCD display to monitor stats, this is truly an electric bike built right from the start.

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Electric bikes have become very popular lately for a variety of uses, but one common problem they all have in common is a noticeable lack of power…not hardcore! We are in this business for the simple reason that there is nothing on the market that meets the criteria for our purchase! Therefore, we decided to bring a product to the market that solves the power problem!

The difference between our bikes and every other bike on the market is the power and value of your hard-earned dollars. So far, bikes on the market have been powered by 36 or 48 volt batteries, powering 500, 750 or some bikes with 1000 watt motors. Not hardcore! The sixty (60) volts propelling the 2000 watt powerplant is the secret to the slopes and rough country faced by hardcore athletes! We need to excel in the obstacles we face, so we bring plenty of motivation to get it done!

Our bike sprinted to over 30 mph in about 6 seconds, but it wasn’t about speed, it was about the ability to climb and withstand rough conditions!

As it turns out, the bike can go over 30 miles per charge. Choose from 5 electric speeds and 21 pedal speeds that work together. You can choose not to pedal at all and just roll quietly using the thumb throttle. The patented Smart Assist feature cuts power whenever you pull on either disc brake, an important safety feature only found on HOTEBIKE e-bikes!

Front adjustable suspension shocks work with our innovative shock-absorbing seat to give you a comfortable ride on rough terrain.

Our LED display keeps you informed of how much battery you’re using and how much is left, and keeps track of your mileage and speed.

A full charge takes only 4-6 hours, and the long life of our lithium batteries will keep you going for years. Our components are plug and play in case of replacement and we offer a 15 month warranty on electrical components including batteries!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on an underpowered bike! Go hardcore!

As it turns out, the bike can go over 30 miles per charge. Choose from 5 electric speeds and 21 pedal speeds that work together. You can choose not to pedal at all and just roll quietly using the thumb throttle. The patented Smart Assist feature cuts power whenever you pull on either disc brake, an important safety feature only found on HOTEBIKE e-bikes!

Front adjustable suspension shocks work with our innovative shock-absorbing seat to give you a comfortable ride on rough terrain.

Our LED display keeps you informed of how much battery you’re using and how much is left, and keeps track of your mileage and speed.

A full charge takes only 46 hours, and the long life of our lithium batteries will keep you going for years. Our components are plug and play in case of replacement and we offer a 15 month warranty on electrical components including batteries!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on an underpowered bike! Go hardcore!

2000W super powerful best electric fat bike

This 2000w electric fat bike have two main features you want from an electric bike it has a powerful enough motor to drive you up the climbs, and its fat tyres are ideal for providing a smooth and confident ride as you thunder down off-road tracks. Also match a 60V high capacity lithum battery, that meaning you can enjoy the ride without any fears your bike will run out of power halfway up a savage climb. 


2000W gearless brushless hub motors provide a high power allowing you over different terrains easily. You can ride it up to steep hill, thread your way along the trickiest and ccould get a top speed 55 km/h on the flat road. Each motor is more than 80 percent efficiency and below 60 Db noise. Bring you a high efficiency but low noise riding experience. 


60V lithium battery can adapt you more requirements, there are 18AH and 20AH capacity you to choose. The removable design is one of the highlights of this electric fat bike. No need to move these big guys near the socket or find a power strip. Just need to turn the key to take out the battery, and then charge battery in home or other places with a 71.4V 3A charger supplied.   

LCD display 

Equipped with a big screen LCD display show many data of e-bike, for example Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Battery Capacity, Motor Power, Max Speed etc. And excellent waterproof make it also do a good job in rain. Five levels pedal assistance and press thum throttle, make the motor supply more high speed for this electric fat bike.   

Rear Light 

Newly designed rear LED light, supporting flashing when braking(Whether it is braking front or rear wheels), this light can remind others and vehicles to pay attention to ensure your riding safety at night on the road.   

Fat tire 

Kenda 26*4.0 inch fat tires have more bearing capacity, better buffer effect and superior grip. Even rugged mountain road, city street, snow, beach or dirt road, it could handle them easily. We also still supply other well-quality tire choice.

We are manufacturer of e-bikes for more than 15 years2000W super powerful best electric fat bike A7AT26

Motor: 60V 2000W Hub Motor
Battery: 60V 18Ah Lithium Battery
PAS: Multi Level Pedal Assist Sensor
Display: LCD3 Screen
Gear: 7/21 Gears
Brak: Front & Rear 180mm Discs
Tyre: Offroad 26*4.0 inch 
Suspension: Front Fork Suspension
Max Speed: 45-55km/h
Max Range: 60-80km
Max Load: 150-200kgs

Best Dual Motor Electric Bikes on Market

Talking about the health benefits of riding an electric bicycle
With the ever-increasing development of technology, our daily life has been turned upside down in every aspect. Medical care, artificial intelligence, green energy and some sports concepts have made people more willing to participate in sports and fitness, including riding electric bicycles. Compared with small gasoline scooters, electric bicycles have become one of the most widely used green means of transportation. It carries a rechargeable battery and travels at a speed of about 25 to 45km/h, much faster than the average person can ride a bicycle. Such a low-cost, energy-efficient, emission-free way to travel can save time and exercise.
1. Are you still troubled by your sedentary lifestyle?
In today’s society, many people are complaining about back pain and butt pain. The reason is because most office workers can’t sit for a long time every day and don’t have time to exercise. If you commute by electric bike every day, it means that people can exercise on the way to commute. Riding an electric bike every day can not only promote blood circulation, relieve stress but also build muscles.
Some people worry, what should I do if I can’t ride a bike every day? do not worry! Designers help you figure it out! These e-bikes have pedal assist, so even long distances are not tiring. In the process of riding, people can also adjust the pedal assist intensity to meet the exercise needs of different people.
High-intensity pedal assist can easily increase people’s travel speed. Riders don’t need to expend too much effort to pedal, but the purpose of fitness can be achieved. This allows sedentary office workers to exercise on the commute without taking up their other time at all. Just a simple change like this can have a huge impact on the physical and mental health of others.
If you have a heart that wants to exercise, but you have never put in action, then an electric bicycle is a more suitable choice than a fitness card.

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