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The notice of riding electric assist mountain bike in rain

The notice of riding electric assist mountain bike in rain

Normal bike be used in warm, cold and rain weather. It is be great if there were sunny day and warm weather every time you decide to ride your electric assist mountain bike. But on some days you may be forced to endure biking in rain. Actually, most of electric assist mountain bike has excellent waterproof, for example Shuangye electric bike. The good news is that you can still ride during these bad weather, just need some right gear and basic knowledge.

Wear a raincoat and boots

This is a common sense to most cyclists to wear a raincoat when riding in rain weather. It is keep cyclist clothes always dry. Even if it is just a light rain in the morning or afternoon, water also can accumulate in clothes, making an otherwise enjoyable bike ride far from pleasant. A raincoat and boots, however, will prevent this from happening, allowing you to ride in all types of weather conditions. Even riding in the rain also provides you have a fun trip.

Beware of braking in the rain

The braking of electric assist mountain bike is important when ride in rain. Because wet roads and tracks allow for less traction with bike tires, meaning it takes longer to stop. So cyclists give themselves extra time to stop when riding in the rain. A good quality disc brake can give enough braking when cyclists stop the bike suddenly. Shuangye ebikes used 160 mechanical disc brake which have a high performance and excellent braking to promise easy cyclist riding safety. 

Watch out Puddles

You never really know how deep of a puddle and what ‘s lurking inside. Maybe it is just water inside, but it also have other things, like glasses,  sharp stones. So avoid puddles when riding on the way in the rain to prevent wet your clothes or pierce your bike wheel. And some puddles have some silt inside, it need spend a few time to take your bike wheel out of the puddles when the wheel embedded inside.

Keep your bike dry

After you arrived destination with your bike riding in the rain, spend a few minutes dry off your electric assist mountain bike. You need to pay attention to bike chains and some iron alloy parts to prevent moisture causes oxidation to occur, which subsequently leads to corrosion and rust. So keeping your electric assist mountain bike dry to avoid this phenomenon. Because Shuangye electric assist mountain bike use aluminum alloy frame, more anti rust and lighter.

These tips would tell you what you need to attention when you riding in the rain. If you are interested in Shuangye electric assist mountain bike, you can visit our Official Website! All of ebikes give each cyclists a fun trip and excellent riding experience.