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The precautions for electric bicycles

The bicycle, like any other human invention, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for electric bikes. You might agree that, in fact, e-bikes and regular bicycles are far more similar than the differences between the two.


Electric bikes are very similar to regular bikes. Significant changes have been made to the electrical systems that support the pedals and the battery to store charge. Compared to regular bicycles, some people may think that electric bicycles are more dangerous. It is both true and false.



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While we’ll discuss this question in detail below, let’s briefly answer it first. Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Are e-bikes more dangerous than regular bicycles? Electric bicycles are not dangerous, nor are they more dangerous than conventional bicycles. The risks associated with electric bicycles may differ from those associated with regular bicycles. The good news is that almost all of these risks can be avoided with care.


In order for you and your loved ones to ride safely, you need to understand how an electric bike is different from a regular bike. What risks and benefits an e-bike might bring to the rider. So, lets start getting the much-needed understanding related to electric bikes.


Riding an electric bike is a little different than riding a regular bike. As long as you understand the specific needs of riding an e-bike, you should be fine. In short, the dangers are there (just like any other sport), but they can be easily mitigated with responsible use.


Now that we have briefly answered this important question, it is time to study this topic in detail to give interested readers a thorough understanding of the subject.


What are the dangers of electric bicycles?

It is true that certain hazards are particularly relevant to electric bicycles, as are certain hazards associated with other inventions. Take, for example, solar panels or nuclear power generation. The best course of action is to understand the dangers and make an informed effort to avoid them, rather than worrying about the dangers and avoiding the product altogether.


The same goes for electric bikes. Lets take a brief look at some of the main dangers unique to electric bikes. And learn how to manage your accident risk when riding an e-bike.


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1. Electric vehicle battery catches fire

What could be scarier than a blazing electric bike battery? You may have seen videos showing e-bikes catching fire while riding or charging. A sight like this is a big delay for anyone. Most electric bikes have highly flammable lithium batteries. Most of these fires usually occur when domestic lithium batteries are handled carelessly.


These fires are the biggest danger associated with electric bicycles. However, nearly 80 percent of these fires can be avoided with care. For example, never build your own battery pack unless you’ve done enough research and you know exactly what you’re doing. Always make sure to keep the battery in a protective metal case during the ride and use a battery management system (BMS) for added safety.


Most importantly, always buy lithium batteries from a trusted dealer to ensure they have the correct battery design and construction to support high temperatures and overcharging.

 electric tricycle 

Most modern e-bike batteries are well designed and safe to use. Battery technology is advancing further, and upcoming designs will be lighter, more performant, and less dangerous. Since an e-bike is an electric vehicle, the risk of a short circuit still exists, but the likelihood of it happening is really negligible.


2. Excessive start acceleration

Excessive throttle application or starting from a dead stop in high electric gear is one of the biggest causes of minor e-bike-related accidents. Since such accidents usually occur at very low speeds, they usually do not cause any serious damage. Nonetheless, these can be very emotionally disruptive.


Again, this main reason can be avoided with proper attention. For example, if you’re using a throttle e-bike, don’t go full throttle until your bike starts to move. Also, consider installing a switch that allows you to select different power levels during the ride. Before starting a long ride, make sure your throttle and controls are properly dialed.


If your e-bike is an e-bike, make sure not to start off in a high gear (eg POWER mode). Always start in a lower electric gear (ECO even off), and then gradually accelerate as you increase your speed.



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3. Not obeying traffic rules

Believe it or not, most e-bike accidents are not because of any inherent flaw in the design or philosophy of e-bikes, but because of the way the rider treats the vehicle. First, understand the fact that e-bikes are basically an intermediate product between regular bicycles and regular motorcycles.


In most jurisdictions, driving an e-bike is not yet as regulated as driving a motorcycle. It’s worth noting, however, that the speed and capabilities of an e-bike are in many ways similar to lower-performing motorcycles. When riders forget this fact, e-bikes become dangerous. For example, with an electric bike, you may not have a legal obligation to obey certain speed limits or road signs. Nonetheless, following them will ensure the safety of the rider as well as the nearby passengers.



Imagine the danger if the motorcycle doesn’t obey the traffic rules. The same goes for e-bikes, as some e-bike models are more like motorcycles than bicycles. Likewise, some riders tend to do stupid things with their e-bikes, like speeding, and cause serious accidents. An academic study by Gogola (2018) concluded that “the higher speed of electric bikes can lead to dangerous situations on the road” (source).


Most of the accidents and dangers associated with e-bikes can be avoided simply by using them in the right way, i.e. as a bicycle rather than a motorcycle.


4. Age-Related E-Bike Risks

It has been found that e-bikes may pose a higher risk to older adults than to other age groups. Various studies have concluded that the risks posed by e-bikes are very similar to those posed by regular bicycles in the 11-60 age group.


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Therefore, e-bikes may not be considered a riding hazard compared to bicycles or even motorcycles. However, it is also true that for those 60 and older, the risk tends to rise and may double in some cases.


This could be explained by older adults with higher average weight, weaker responses, poorer health and less understanding of how modern e-bikes work in various situations during riding.


How are electric bicycles different from regular bicycles?

As mentioned above, e-bikes present certain challenges specific to them. On the other hand, however, electric bikes may also offer certain benefits that can make e-bike riding more fun and interesting. Let us briefly discuss these aspects.

 mid motor mountain bike

1. Driving at high speed

Since e-bikes typically operate at higher speeds, they require more efficient braking systems to stop or slow down crosswalks and crosswalks. Almost all major brands equip their e-bikes with intuitive pedal assist systems and very high quality and efficient brakes (mostly disc brakes).


2. More mobility

A good e-bike will provide more agility than a regular bike. Thus, allowing you to move with greater power and precision. Additionally, e-bikes often come with higher standard parts than regular bikes, such as tires, frames, and lights. Not only does this make for a smoother ride, it also ensures better safety standards in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.


3. Physical fitness is easier

Another way an e-bike can help you is by removing the physical barriers associated with cycling. Whether it’s hills, potholes or rocks, e-bikes are suitable for all terrains, giving you a more comfortable riding experience while providing the opportunity to exercise.


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Summarize a few words


The above positive aspects of e-bikes, combined with the fact that these bikes offer an energy-efficient mode of travel and ensure road protection, make e-bikes a very attractive form of commuting.


While one cannot forget the dangers commonly associated with e-bikes, these should not be a hindrance to using them. Most of these dangers can be avoided by better understanding and understanding the causes of e-bike accidents. And try to avoid the careless practice of handling e-bikes.


With the right approach and mindset, e-bikes can be safer than regular bikes and motorcycles, and a cheaper, greener, and healthier option.


However, for older people, extra care needs to be taken when letting them ride an e-bike. Be aware of those specific hazards related to speed of reaction, extra weight, knowledge of e-bike technology, and more.


related question:

How much does an electric bike cost?

A good e-bike will cost around $1,500 or a little more. However, some cost savings, such as bus or taxi fares and tax benefits (in some jurisdictions), may outweigh the purchase cost in the long run.



Do I need to register or get a driver’s license to ride an electric bike?

Since e-bikes are often equivalent to regular bicycles for regulatory purposes, you do not need to obtain a license or register your e-bike to drive. If you ride a high-speed electric bike, you may need to register your vehicle and obtain a license.


How fast can an electric bike go?

This may depend on the specific model of e-bike as well as the jurisdiction. In most cases, an e-bike can help you reach 16 MpH or 26 KM/H. The motor will cut off at higher speeds, and it all depends on how fast you can pedal if you want to go faster.

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