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Things You Need to Know About Electric bike LCD display

Things You Need to Know About Electric bike LCD display

 Electric bike LCD display

Electric bike LCD display plays a vital role. While the motor is the most decisive component on an e-bike, the LCD display is another feature that highlights the advantages of the integrated technology that characterizes this machine. Most people are only familiar with ebike speedometers, but the LCD display keeps track of the values of all the important parameters you need to be aware of while riding. These include mileage, pedal assist, battery, USB charging, power meter – showing instantaneous power output and more. Without a doubt, the main advantage of e-bike LCD displays is that they allow riders to monitor their performance and adjust accordingly. This is especially important for people who are cyclists for fitness. It enables them to engage in goal-directed workouts compared to doing it blindly. Riders can use the details on the visual display to push themselves to the limit of their endurance. An LCD display is useless if the rider is unaware of the functionality it has and the dynamism of the information it conveys. Therefore, it is crucial that users become familiar with the various display functions. This article will describe these features, the functionality they serve, and how they can be tuned.

1. Battery capacity

The battery capacity is correctly placed at the top of the screen. This is because it plays a key role in determining the remaining charge when cycling. It allows riders to estimate the distance they have covered with remaining battery power. As the line fades from left to right, the reduction in battery power is communicated. It is worth mentioning that the battery power may fluctuate during riding, so it is best to leave the e-bike stationery for about half a minute to accurately read the remaining power. It is critical for cyclists to keep an eye on the battery level when riding an e-bike. They should also know that power levels are best kept between 20% and 80%. It is recommended that you avoid battery levels below 20% before charging. Extend battery life and avoid extra charges for battery replacement.

2. Odometer

The odometer shows the number of kilometers or miles traveled by the e-bike. It is an important tool for assessing a rider’s progress. There is a significant difference between riders who can use the covered miles and those who don’t. Riders who display odometer readings on an LCD display tend to achieve greater goals than their peers. The odometer on the e-bike’s LCD screen helps keep the user motivated. It allows riders to visualize their goals and see them achieved on screen. Cyclists can also take advantage of the trip A and B features on the odometer to build faster routes. The feature also enables riders to separate sport mileage from leisure. There’s also a built-in tracking logging system that serves as a useful daily reminder. A complete line of shuangye electric bikes.

3. Pedal assist

Pedal assist refers to a mode on an e-bike that makes it easier to get power from the motor rider pedals and move faster. When one turns it on and selects an assist level, the motor will provide a certain level of power output to the pedals. As a result, a slight push can be a ride. Electric bikes come with different levels of pedal assist. Some have a range of 0-4, while others, like the shuangye electric bikes, have a range of 0-5. To turn on power assist and change the output of the shuangye ebike motor, the user should press the “+” or “-” button. Level 0 means no assist, Level 1 is the lowest level of assist, and Level 5 is the result with the highest assist output. Levels 1 and 2 are best chosen when you’re going to push a little or want to extend their battery range. Level 3 is good for going up hills or reaching around 15 mph on flat surfaces. Higher levels provide maximum power output, and cyclists can easily reach speeds of 20 miles per hour. Generally, higher levels of pedal assist reduce battery range. The advantage of pedal assist is that it allows the rider to choose the level of exercise they want and beat the traffic.

Electric bike LCD display 

4. Speedometer

Shuangye’s LCD screen also features a speedometer that measures and displays current and average speed. Electric vehicle users can display real-time vehicle speed (km/hr.), average vehicle speed (km/hr.), maximum vehicle speed (km/hr.), one-way mileage (km), and total mileage (km) by short pressing the “i” button. Shuangye also has a walking mode that allows riders to slow down without stopping. This feature reduces the motion of the e-bike to walking speeds, helps adjust the level of motion, and allows the rider to navigate appropriate terrain.

5.USB charging

Shuangye electric bikes are convenient. They come with a USB system that allows users to charge their gadgets. In this age of technology, cyclists obviously carry electronics such as cell phones, cameras and music players with them to make cycling more fun. Therefore, they need to be powered. Shuangye ensures that riders don’t have to worry about power issues with electronics, which can affect their riding experience.

6. Electricity meter

While receiving the least attention of all the features on the LCD display, the power meter plays a vital role in informing riders of their power usage in real time. It allows you to keep track of the wattage used at any time. Therefore, riders can use this knowledge to adjust kinetic parameters based on their expectations of the battery.

How to Read the LCD Display of an Electric Bike

An e-bike is defined by its motor, battery, and controller. These three components are the most important parts. But that doesn’t mean other components aren’t important. Instead, every part of the bike is necessary, which makes for a perfect electric bike. The bike is a work of art of integrated technology, and each part has many advantages to be tapped. Of these components, the display is the fun digital part every rider wants to know.

Visual data on the display includes your battery level and the current status of the bike, such as single or total odometer, speed, pedal assist level, and more. It reflects the general status of the bike, and you can view specific data through the LCD display.

Electric bike LCD display


If you want to know how much juice you have left, pay attention to the upper left corner, there is a battery level indicator. The battery bar on the display will decrease from left to right as the battery level decreases. Under normal conditions, a full battery strip will give you about 30 miles of range without pedaling, and more than 55 miles with pedaling. This range is affected by factors such as cargo weight, incline and pedal assist level. The best practice for maintaining long battery life is to keep the battery between 20% and 80% charged at all times. The KBO Breeze and KBO Breeze Step Thru use the same LCD display for easy operation.


The LCD display will show the speed in the upper right. By changing the level of pedal assist, every ride is a different experience. The top speed of an e-bike is affected by factors such as rider weight, weather, terrain, and more.


Every adventure is worth recording. The one-way odometer is located in the lower right corner and indicates the one-way cruising distance. All goals can be recorded via the display, whether it is a one-way trip or a total odometer. Visualize your cycling data for more fun and confidence as you drive more miles on your bike. Knowing more about your LCD is an essential step as it will help you learn more about your ride and your e-bike.

Pedal assist level

The level of pedal assist is one of the most important parts of an e-bike, and it’s a big plus compared to conventional bikes. There are 0-5 levels to choose from when you start your ride. You can also change the pedal assist level during road riding. Level 0 means that you ride the bike without electric support, just like a conventional bike. The higher the level you ride, the more speed you can get. In fact, in addition to the pedal assist mode, there are two other modes. One is pure power mode and the other is shutdown mode. If you want to challenge the strength of your legs, off mode is perfect for you. If you want to give your legs a break, driving your bike on pure power is a no-brainer. Also, the maximum range of an e-bike will vary depending on the battery you use.

In conclusion

As an alternative to cars, e-bikes are environmentally friendly and have zero air pollution. When you’re planning to unwind from a busy workday, it’s a good idea to cycle around the neighborhood. Of course there is no noise pollution. Electric bicycle LCD display plays a vital role. Features like e-bike speedometers help allow riders to track their performance and make informed decisions. That’s why it’s crucial that users become familiar with the various display functions, what they convey, and how to adjust them.

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