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Tips to clean ebike

Tips to clean ebike
Cleaning e-bike might sound like a boring chore, but it’s a very important process that needs to be taken seriously, otherwise, you could permanently damage your e-bike. How to clean an electric bike? It is necessary to clean your e-bike regularly. The frequency of cleaning depends on how the e-bike is used. You will need a bucket full of water or hose, soap or bike cleaner, sponge and brush, disc brake cleaner, bike degreaser, chain lube, owner’s manual for your e-bike, polyethylene film.
It’s not just about riding a clean e-bike, it’s a safety issue as too much dirt collecting on the brakes or in the battery compartment can lead to a serious accident.
So, to demystify how to clean an e-bike, read on because we’ve got a step-by-step guide and a video to make things easier.

clean ebike

How often do I have to clean my e-bike?
It’s a common problem that people don’t wash e-bikes as much as they should, probably because they don’t use them often or only use them in the city, which definitely makes them look cleaner than mountain e-bikes that they use every weekend.
But e-bikes are very different because you are dealing with the circuitry and mechanism and you have to clean it regularly to prolong battery life and keep the e-bike working properly.
There’s no definitive answer to questions like how often you should clean your e-bike, it mostly depends on how much you use it in a week, the type of terrain you drive on, and the season you currently live in.

For example, an e-bike doesn’t get dirty when used twice a day in the city, but if you have to drive it through mud, rain, snow or sand…then, my friends, you have to clean it at least once a week.
Now, if you give it a light user, you can clean once a month, or every two months if you really want to procrastinate, but don’t stretch that limit. Mud, dirt, and other particles tend to stick to the chain on an e-bike and make it harder to pedal.
Additionally, the battery compartment collects dust, saltpeter, and other substances that slowly interfere with the battery’s performance.

What does it take to clean an electric bike?
The first thing you need is patience, really. Especially if this is your first time doing this. After that, to clean your e-bike, you will need space.
It could be the backyard, your garage, the garden, the front yard… you can put your e-bike anywhere and still have enough room to move around comfortably without making a mess.
Once resolved, you will need the following items:

1.bucket or hose filled with water
2.soap or bike cleaner
3.sponges and brushes
4.disc brake cleaner
5.bicycle degreaser
6.chain lubrication
7.Your Electric Bike Owner’s Manual
8.Poly film

clean ebike

How to clean an electric bike?
1.Check your e-bike’s owner’s manual to see how much water it can resist. Usually, it will be shown on the first page of the manual with the letters “IP”, the higher the number, the more water resistant it is. However, if you have a low number (like 38 or less), it’s best not to use a hose, as too much water pressure could damage what’s inside.
2. Remove the display (if present). If you can’t accept it because it’s attached to the wheel, cover it with poly film to protect it from the water.
3. Remove the battery. The manual usually says you can leave it in there because it’s sufficiently protected from causing a short circuit. After all, electric bikes need to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow, but to avoid minor complications, we recommend that you remove them.
4. For better support, you can turn the e-bike upside down so that it rests on the handlebars and seat. You can also cover both parts with polyethylene film to protect them from water. We do this to make turning the wheels more comfortable without destabilizing the e-bike, but if your crank arms are good enough, ignore this step.

Clean the electric bike
1.To start washing the e-bike with water, use a shot glass to catch water from a bucket or use a garden hose.
2.You can then scrub it with a small cloth or brush to remove dirt from those tricky places between the pedals, tires, and brakes.
3.Don’t worry if there is water in the battery compartment as they are designed with small intern drains. The plugs are covered with a special material that protects them from water, corrosion and general damage.
4.Use a bicycle degreaser to clean the drivetrain (chain, sprockets, cassette, derailleurs). Let it settle for 5 minutes, then clean with a damp cloth or thick paper, but do it slowly to get to sneaky spots.
5.Now on to the brakes, clean them with disc brakes. Scrub them slowly and try not to use homemade cleaners. They usually end up limiting the functionality of the brakes.

After cleaning the e-bike
1.Remove the remaining water from the e-bike with a dry cloth. Just be patient, as leaving small traces of water or moisture will make your e-bike dirtier in less time.
2.Pay attention to the battery compartment. It needs to be completely dry before installing the battery back.

clean ebike

Precautions for cleaning electric bicycles
1.Instead of using liquid lube, try sprays. They are easier to apply and help avoid sticky surfaces.
2.Protects all electronic displays. There can never be too much poly film available.
3.Check out how clean your e-bike is on the weekends. Check the chain periodically to lubricate it if necessary. Never wait for it to dry completely.
4.If you don’t have much time, use a garden hose to rinse your e-bike down faster.
5.Use a pressure hose or jet power washer. This can move dirt to sensitive areas of the e-bike.
6.Apply bicycle degreaser to brake calipers or pads. This will pollute them and they can no longer act as brakes.
7.Go through 6 months without washing the e-bike or checking the chain. These are part of your responsibilities as a rider. Even if you don’t use your e-bike very often, make sure there is no dirt or mud that could interfere with its function. It is of course important to ensure your safety while riding.



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