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Too easy to ride an Electric Bike

Too easy to ride an Electric Bike

Technology has recently been reclaiming the world with the emergence of different advancements in many (if not all) industries. In the transportation and cycling industry, there is one flourishing technology that doesn’t get as much attention. One that has the potential to change the whole game of cycling in terms of practicality and recreation. They are called, as the title gives away: Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are slowly gathering attention, particularly in the United States. In fact, on the other side of the Earth, Asia has the world’s largest electric bicycle market, having two hundred million bikes in use. It can now be said that electric bikes are currently on its way to world domination.

What separates an electric bike from a regular bike?

As simple as it sounds, an electric bike is an electricity-powered bike with its own motor powered by a rechargeable battery. Don’t worry, electricity won’t take the fun away from that you get from regular cycling. For you to understand how most electric bikes work, you must understand these two particular parts.

Generally, an electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. For electric bikes, there are two main types of motor:

Hub Motors – this is a type of motor that is attached to the “hub” or the middle part of the wheel that makes it turn. This is the most frequently used motor in electric bikes that can provide the most basic and convefnient electric cycling experience. If you are not looking much on bikes that will help you hike the hills or mountains but still consider, it is just right to look for E-bikes with this kind of motor just like what is shown below.

Mid-drive Motors – Unlike the Hub Motors that are attached to the wheel alone, these mid-drive motors are working in coordination with other existing parts. It directly powers the bicycle’s drivetrain system that efficiently ensures a more maintained balance, making it a better option if you are looking for bikes to ride in steeper areas and more challenging environments like the one below.

Batteries are essential to enjoy the full benefits of electric bikes. These can be charged by attaching the bike to a power source (almost the same way you charge a mobile phone); or by detaching the battery and placing it in any charging station that you have available. An average battery may last you 20-60 miles per charge. If it runs out in the middle of a trip, you can just increase your effort like regular pedaling. Here’s a blog for
you to better understand how ebike batteries work.

Why most people switch to electric bikes?
The answer is simple, because it’s easier to use and it makes pretty much everything in regular biking more fun. However, a lot of people are still confused about the ease of riding an electric bike. You shouldn’t be, because riding an electric bike is the same as riding a regular bike minus all the hassle you encounter from dedicated, forceful pedaling and maneuvering. And it won’t take away the joy of pedaling, it would instead
just amplify the benefits you can get from it.

There are actually three kinds to an electric bike. The Class 1 pedal-assist or pedelec is the most common type of electric bike and is also the most affordable. As the name suggests, it’s the type of electric bike that requires you to pedal to move forward but with the motor’s assistance so you won’t have to pedal as much and as hard as regular biking. Class 2 are those throttle-operated electric bikes that let you move forward without additional pedaling. Last is the class 3 speed pedelec which is almost the same as Class 1 but has a higher top speed that can go up to 28 miles per hour. No matter what kind of electric bike you’re using. you are guaranteed to have the greatest biking experience in the easiest way possible.

Why you should get an electric bike
Electric bikes will lead you to many amazing benefits that you cannot simply get from a regular bicycle. Here are some reasons why having an electric bike is one of the best
things you can spend your money on:

Achievable Health Benefits
Not only does an electric bike make it easier for you to carry out your adventures or your workout routine, but studies have also shown that riding an electric bike could steady maintainable heart rates. It places your energies in the right places where you would rather spend them. Think about the times that you are straining your leg muscle from all that heavy pedaling and probably causing more damage to your body than getting that leg gains you pictured yourself having. The health benefits you get from using an electric bike are much easier to achieve than regular bikes. Because you don’t have an unlimited supply of energy, using an electric bike will give you much more control about the energy you are giving off.

Environmental -friendly mode of transportation
Bikes, in general, are a popular alternative to cars and other fossil fuel-powered vehicle These vehicles were proven to emit loads of carbon emissions that are eternally harmfu
to the environment. It has been endlessly proven that traditional bikes promote a “greener” alternative in transportation. However, regular bikes are not always convenient, aren’t they? They make you sweat a lot, and they take too long to reach a destination you thought you’d arrive fresh and fast. More than just a recreational tool, electric bikes are also becoming a staple part of people’s day-to-day transportation. A regular bike will run at a speed of 12 mph,
whereas your speedy, shiny electric bike will take you to places at an average speed of 24 mph, this is twice as much as a regular bike’s average speed! That supposedly quick errand you need to run would not drain all your energies and will leave you more time and strength to carry out other important tasks.
A study by Scientific American shows that electric bikes emit ten times less carbon dioxide than fuel-powered engines. This makes e-bikes a more viable option when you want to get things done but at the same time not contribute to the earth’s health decline. Wanting to be friendlier to the environment does not have to be energy-drainin and tedious. An electric bike can help you enjoy the best of both worlds!

Fun Experience
Many electric bike users said that electric bikes give the same amount of enjoyment as regular bikes, if not, more than. You can still breathe the same fresh air as you enjoy panoramic views while easily pedaling and enjoying the convenience of an electric bike Only, with an electric bike, the hike to a steep hill will be a lot smoother and easier and will make you feel unstoppable. 

If you are into performing impressive bicycle tricks, you can ensure a safer way to perform these using electric bikes. You do not have to worry so much about losing your balance because these electric bikes are heavier and sturdier so that you can land on your wheels more safely.

Finally, as we all know, your time and energy are limited. And electric bikes will give you the power to control these things so you can lead a healthier, more environmentallyresponsible life. It takes you to your destinations faster and with less stress. Basically, it makes everything better and easier. It makes riding a lot safer with its unique features and design. You’re not only providing a good long-term investment for your health,finances, and experiences but you’ll also be taking part in saving the environment. See, riding an electric bike is just an easy-peasy activity that anyone can enjoy. No matter how old you are or what you do in life, using an electric bike surely is a big help.


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