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Training mountain e bike 26 inch A6AB26

Training mountain e-bike 26 inch
36V 10AH lithium battery
36V 250W brushless motor
suspension aluminum fork
Aluminum alloy frame
CE certification

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Training mountain e bike 26 inch

mountain e bike 26 (4)

Training mountain e-bike

Shuangye training mountain e-bike, uses a battery shaped like a water bottle and hides the motor in the rear wheel hub, making the training mountain e-bike look like any other commuter electric bicycle. However, it can provide power for up to 40-50km and has a top speed of 30km/h, meaning cycling to work could become a lot less effort for those using it.mountain e bike 26 (2) The water bottle shaped battery takes around 5-7 hours to charge and provides enough power for a 40-50km journey. the battery is easier to remove than many large electric bike batteries, which use large power packs attached around the rear wheel. The smaller battery makes it look like a normal commuter e-bike. mountain e bike 26 (3)Front headlight upgrade

Training mountain e-bike 26 inch

Max speed: 25km/h-30km/h Charging time: 5-7 hours Frame: Aluminum alloy frame Front fork: suspension aluminum fork Motor: 36V 250W/350W brushless motor Battery: 36V 10AH lithium battery Certification: CE Display: LCD Display Loading: 150kg Gear: 21 speed