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Try an e-bike: A guide to electric bikes for the beginner

Try an e-bike: A guide to electric bikes for the beginner

I really like using my e-bike a lot that I not often take my automobile out of the storage, even when temps are within the 100s or beneath freezing. I’ve ridden in rain, snow, and, often, off-road. Sedona, Arizona is not very bike-friendly, though mountain biking (search
“white line path”) is standard. When a tiny fraction of Phoenix — over 4 million — decides to flee valley warmth for the cooler mountains, we’re simply overrun.

I am not a commuter, however I experience most days to favourite venues: Dozens of mountaineering trails; espresso outlets; the library; breweries; and music venues. My common journey is 2 to 4 miles a technique, however vary as much as 10 miles.

Here is a rundown of my take for key e-bike decisions:

My first e-bike was a fundamental hard-tail mountain bike with a 350W rear hub motor, single-speed, giant 700c wheels, 5 ranges of pedal-assist solely, and no throttle. However, after greater than 1,200 miles over a 12 months of using, I selected a really completely different type: 750W motor; 20-inch fats tires; a throttle, and pedal help. Here is why.

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A lot of Euro-e-bikes provide 250-watt to 350-watt motors, that are nice for Europe’s largely flat cities. However my city is hilly, and a 350W motor, whereas enough on gentle grades, made for gradual occurring lengthy grades.

Prime velocity was generally a difficulty too, because the bike topped out at about 18mph. Once more, nice for Europe and congested cities, however generally I wished to cut back the differential of my velocity versus visitors.

Most inexpensive e-bikes have a rear hub motor, however there are mid-drive, entrance hub motors, and all-wheel drive bikes, too. I’ve discovered my rear hub motors to be completely acceptable, however I’ve by no means ridden a mid-drive, so I could also be lacking one thing.


Peddle help provides motor energy solely whenever you’re peddling. However generally I like so as to add most motor energy to hawk effort, like beginning up from a cease. Or not pedal in any respect. Throttles are extremely really useful.


Whereas I am fairly energetic — I hike some 15 miles to twenty miles every week along with biking 25 miles every week — I am not athletic. The 20-inch fats, 4-inch broad tires provide a decrease middle of gravity and extra stability. Bigger diameter wheels deal with obstacles higher than smaller wheels, however that is not often an issue on metropolis streets.

The fats tires are wider and put extra rubber on the highway — a bigger contact patch — for traction, braking, and luxury, on the worth of higher rolling resistance. That is why highway bikes have slim, high-pressure tires and mountain bikes have fats tires.

On an e-bike, in fact, rolling resistance is not an enormous concern. The upper common speeds — my human-powered biking averaged 10-12mph, whereas e-biking is about 50% sooner — places a premium on traction and braking. With nobby 4-inch broad fats tires and air strain diminished to 5PSI to 10PSI, I’ve ridden within the snow.

If I had a alternative, I would want a motorcycle with tubeless tires, as they are typically extra dependable than tube tires. Right this moment, tubeless tires are a rarity amongst 20-inch fat-tire bikes, however which will change.


A lot of the bike riders round city have accident tales, one thing I have been spared. However I take into consideration security each time I experience.

Your e-bike ought to have entrance and taillights powered from the primary battery, and you need to at all times experience with them turned on. Some lights are fairly wimpy, so do not be shy about augmenting manufacturing facility lights with add-ons.

Horns are fascinating, however the overwhelming majority are available solely two sorts: Too loud (scaring pedestrians) or too smooth (unheard by drivers). Conventional bike bells are good for pedestrians who aren’t grooving out to tunes on their AirPods.

I normally put on a high-visibility jacket in summer time, and, in cooler climate, I put on a motorbike jacket product of woven Kevlar-type material. I additionally put on a ventilated bike helmet in the summertime and a full-face bike helmet for cooler months. Europeans not often put on helmets for commuting, however there drivers there are cognizant of bikes. In America, not a lot.


Disc brakes are frequent on e-bikes and are a should. Hydraulic — versus mechanical — disc brakes are preferable as a result of they’re self-adjusting. Brake pads aren’t costly or tough to exchange, however since e-bike speeds are increased and the bikes heavier, you may substitute them each 1,500 miles or so.


Two points to think about past dimension: Folding and step-through. Most distributors will give a spread for instructed rider top, however your leg size is vital, too. Most frames spec a “standover” top, and you may need a few inches of slack, or agony could comply with.

Many 20-inch fat-tire bikes additionally fold. It seems like a good suggestion, however most are so heavy — 60-plus kilos — that even after folding, they don’t seem to be very transportable. I’ve by no means folded my folding bike, nor tried to load it into my automobile. If folding and portability are vital to you, think about a Brompton or maybe a 30lb e-scooter.

I remorse that my present e-bike shouldn’t be a step-through design. Generally my cargo is excessive sufficient that throwing a leg over is a problem. The world’s largest promoting bike, the Honda SuperCub, has a step-through design. I now get why that type is standard.


E-bikes sometimes dispense with the entrance derailleur (frequent on highway bikes), which reduces upkeep. Electrical motors are extraordinarily dependable however search for some safety for the cable popping out the facet of the hub motor. E-bikes require little extra upkeep than pedal bikes.

Most bike outlets will work on e-bikes, however remember that some, involved about legal responsibility, or centered on high-end bikes, do not. Bike parts are pretty standardized, so getting components is straightforward.


You may most likely wish to carry cargo generally, so racks are a should. Mine got here with a again rack, to which I hooked up a few folding baskets sufficiently big for a grocery bag. One I depart unfolded for carrying bike lock, random stuff, and laptop. The opposite normally stays folded. In moist climates, go together with waterproof panniers.

I added a suspension seat publish and a large, cushioned bike seat. Since pedaling is non-obligatory, keep away from onerous, slim highway bike seats. The suspension seat publish could add a few inches to the seat top, so be limber sufficient to deal with it, or get a step-through.

I added a motion-activated rear mild, which is extraordinarily useful since there’s nothing to recollect besides charging as soon as a month or so. An add-on horn completes my setup.

The take

Though I really like the comfort of ignoring parking or visitors, principally I simply love using. It’s simply enjoyable.

There are environmental causes, too, however these aren’t prime of thoughts. Certain, using into the recycling middle on my bike provides me a blast of performative advantage strokes, however I nonetheless benefit from the experience even when nobody sees me there.

Bicycles are having fun with distinctive demand as of late. For many people, an e-bike would be the most versatile alternative.

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