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Two different 28-inch wheel city e-bikes

Two different 28-inch wheel city e-bikes

Compared with 16-inch, 20-inch small wheel and 24-inch, 26-inch standard wheel, some people want their e-bikes have more size wheel. Someone want to own an e-bike with 27.5-inch wheel, and someone want to an e-bike with 28-inch. In general situation, 27.5-inch wheels usually use in mountain e-bikes, but 28-inch wheels are more common in city e-bikes. Maybe someone would like to 29-inch wheels which are common in mountain e-bikes than city e-bikes. For your convenience, here will show you Shuangye electric bike two 28-inch e-bikes, which use 700*40C wheels.

First of all, let me introduce the first 28-inch e-bike A3AL28. It adopted classic city bike frame design, and use hidden battery in the down tube of frame for a elegant e-bikes outlook. If you are looking for a 28-inch wheels e-bike, the bike would be a perfect option. Why is it being a great choice? The bike is made from high quality material and has lightweight, long-lasting lithium-ion battery and also it has a feature such as PAS function with 5 level. It also call e-bike’s assist pedal mode which can save up to 85% energy during your cycling. Also, this e-bike has two different brake system, V brake and 160 mechanical disc brake you can choose one of them depend on your daily needs. And this e-bike is equipped with 7-speed SHIMANO transmission system and 3W front light with USB charging port.

And then, this is the second 28-inch e-bikes A5AH28. This is a elegant and concise e-bike with battery lock feature. Just turn the key to fix the battery on the frame which secures your e-bike. This e-bike is equipped with 36V hidden battery on the frame, which can reach up to 25km/h and travel 40km with E-Bike mode for one single charge. If you are looking for a e-bike can use in city and mountain, this e-bike is the great option. The bike has anti-slip tires that provide a smooth and gently ride even it the bumpy roads and hilly ares. Also, it has a lightweight and strong aluminum alloy frame, 7/21/29-speed SHIMANO transmission system and all-weather using mechanical disc brake system. If you are interested in hydraulic disc brake system, this bike also offer it.

Why people would like to choose 28-inch wheels e-bikes? What the advantages of 28-inch wheels? The wheel’s rotational inertia becomes larger, which is more conducive to maintaining the speed of the e-bike. That is why someone like to large diameter wheels on the e-bikes. 28-inch the city e-bikes is more suitable for people enjoy a slow but stable speed riding journey. The diameter of wheel larger, it is to pass the rugged road more easier, so the big size wheel can improve the vehicle’s pass-ability and off-road ability.

For example, when you ride a 28-inch wheel e-bike is much easy ride over the obstacle on its roads than other small size wheel. And 28-inch wheels can raise the body of e-bike to reduce the chance of the crank or crank-set touching the road’s obstacle during cycling. But one thing we need to pay attention is the height of e-bike will increase with the size of the bike wheels. Therefore, you need to consider your height to determine whether you want to buy a 28-inch e-bike.

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