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Two hidden battery e road bike difference and similarity

Two hidden battery e road bike difference and similarity

Slim bike frame and wheels, straight top tube, light weight should be your first impression when some one ask what do you think e road bike. Usually, you can find out e road bike on the cycle racing which is allow electric bikes, but you can also use an e road bike meet your daily life. Like commute and short travel. And now we would like to recommend Shuangye A6-R two e road bike which of them just have a little differences. Next we would talk about the differences and similarities between this two e road bike.

What is the difference about this e road bike? The big part must be the handle bar. One is classic road bike drop handlebar, other is typical mountain bike flat handlebar. But in between there are wide deviation. For example, commuters tend to like flat bars which is easy to handle an e road bike. Racers use drop bars because of aerodynamic which help you ride as fast as you can. What you choose depends on the type of bike you ride and how you ride it. For practicality and light, both of two types handlebar use aluminum alloy.

And then next difference must be brake levers and derailleur. Shuangye drop bar e road bike equipped with SHIMANO classic road bike integrated brake and shifter levers with 18 speed, and flat bar e road bike adopt SHIMSNO integrated shifter and brake levers with 7/21/27 speed which is also can cut-off the e road bike electric system immediately when press the brake levers. In fact, the configuration of flat e road bike is suitable for more people and many riding condition.

Except these, both of them use high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy bike frame and 700*25C wheels. Make the bike more light and longevity. And slim bike frame and typical e road bike wheels means you can lift it up easily without any sweat, ever you are lady. In order to enjoy a fast and long-distant riding, the two e road bike house a motor in the rear wheel hub and a rechargeable lithium ion battery located in the frame down tube.

Though the battery can not remove to charging, the e road bike light weight support it near to the household outlet to charge. And both of two e road bike offer pedal assistance up to 25km/h and travel up to 40km on a single charge under E-bike mode. Shuangye A6-R e road bike allows the rider to select how much power to generate by offering 5 levels of assistance.

Each of e road bike untlized a LCD digital meter to show e road bike’s real motor power, current electric power, distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. And the front fork is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The bike also equipped all-weather and muddy road using TEKTRO 160 mechanical disc brake system and a removable bright LED front light with a USB mobile phone charging port for night riding. Hope one of two e road bike can meet your needs and bring you a fun cycling.

If you want to know more information about these two e road bike, don’t forget leave a message below. Here is Shuangye website, you can browse electric bikes in it.