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Ways and tips to save money on cycling

If you reduce your quality of life for the sake of the car and riding, eating instant noodles every day and pickling vegetables will be a bit of a loss, and it will also lose the meaning of riding.

So how exactly can you cut costs smartly while enjoying your ride? (In fact, no matter how you save, you just spend less, you can’t not spend it)

save money

1. Buy a car according to your ability

Buying a car is a big expense. There is absolutely no need to pursue high configuration. You can buy it according to your actual needs and budget. A mountain is higher than a mountain, and even the best car has a higher configuration than it. It is completely a bottomless pit. Of course, if you are an equipment party and enjoy the fun, it is another matter.

In addition, some friends choose to buy bicycles online in order to save money. This is not recommended at all. Online shopping is indeed cheaper than physical stores, but the quality is not necessarily trustworthy, and after-sales is a big problem. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a physical store as much as possible to buy a bicycle. It may be a little more expensive, but it is absolutely reliable and convenient for after-sales. Maybe you can meet a group of friends who like to ride.

2. Take good care of your ebike

For major bike repairs or major maintenance of your car, you can consider your local bike shop, no problem. But if it’s just a small-scale fine-tuning, you can actually DIY it yourself. Repairing your bike yourself can help you cut down on unnecessary expenses, while also giving you a sense of accomplishment and cherishing your car more.

You can learn to clean your bike first, and then do basic routine lubricating work on some key parts of the bike. These maintenance can avoid some unnecessary technical mistakes.

Regularly check the bolts on the connected parts of the bike to make sure they are tightened, try to learn how to replace the cable, this step needs to be done once a year, and this will give your bike a new life. Have questions about your repair skills? It doesn’t matter, you can refer to some videos and tips about bicycle maintenance quick start on the Internet.

3. You don’t have to buy those expensive winter riding gear

Instead of buying a bunch of full-on winter riding gear, put your winter clothes to use at home. For example, wear a pair of tight pantyhose; use strong tape to seal the ventilation holes in the cycling shoes, etc. Wear ski pants and an outdoor softshell jacket to keep you warm when the weather is extremely cold. Remember, the position of the right trouser wrist should not be too close to the inside of the car, otherwise it is easy to get caught in the chain oil, or even rolled into the chain. Try tying your trousers with a tight rubber band? Works well.

4. If you want to participate, you should register as early as possible

If you want to participate, don’t wait until the last day before the registration deadline to register and pay. Because then you may be spending extra money unnecessarily. Not to mention the need to pay a financial deposit. If you want to save a little more money, you can sign up as a volunteer in exchange for free admission.

5. Find equipment discount stores and exchange old equipment

Newsletter: You don’t need to spend the retail price on your beloved gear anymore, just look around for a little more used or buy new when it’s on sale, and you can save a ton of money. For example: inner tubes, chain lubricants, energy bars, cycling food, or cycling clothes, and second-hand kits.

6. Homemade cycling snacks

Undoubtedly, energy bars and capsules are great companions for long rides, but they are usually expensive and sometimes taste bad. So, at this point, if you want to save money, you might as well do it yourself. There are also many recipes for homemade dim sum on the Internet, as long as you remember not to easily try new recipes on the day of an important event.

7. Organize your own training camp

Of course, we all want to be guided by professional coaches before major competitions or cycling events. But hiring a coach also costs money, so it’s better to save it and organize a pre-match training camp yourself. You can start by making a plan based on the goal you want to achieve and practice all the requirements to achieve that goal. Then slowly work your way toward your goal by repeating the workout. By the time you race the day, you’ll be fully prepared for the challenge, both physically and mentally. (If you are not a cyclist who is not deep in the pit, you don’t need to consider it)

8. Become a brand ambassador

You really like the equipment of a certain bicycle company, but you have no money to buy it because the retail price is too expensive? Then hurry up and see if they have a brand ambassador program, as candidates usually have perks like discounted items or free items if they’re lucky. (I have seen many female riders take photos on Weibo, and I know that everyone uses this method

9. Join a cycling team or club

Why do you say that? Because in addition to the benefits of socializing (squad training rides, post-season gatherings, skills learning, carnivals, etc.), members of a club can often get good prices on jerseys, gear, and sometimes even Get the whole car.

Learn to repair flat tires by yourself

Among all bicycle parts, tires are the most easily damaged and the most frequently replaced. So, instead of throwing a flat tube in the trash (and then spending $30 or more to buy a new tube), use a repair kit to fill the leak or patch the tire with a dab of tire sealant. superior.
Strictly follow the cycling clothing care requirements

Never take off your cycling jersey and throw it into the washing machine or dryer along with other clothes. Instead, take good care of and use your jersey by strictly following the instructions in the jersey care requirements so that it will last longer and wear better.

Carbon fiber frame? think again

Yes, carbon fiber frames are generally lighter than aluminum or steel frames. And the composite material it uses is indeed more unique and smoother than other frames. But if you are tight on your hands now, why not choose a frame that is a few hundred dollars cheaper. Although it is not so technically exquisite, it is suitable for you. (I want carbon fiber, I want, I want, okay~~ I have to continue to save rice…)
team fight

Similar to group buying, a lot of people can spread a lot of expenses evenly. For example, a group of people buying cycling clothes will definitely be much cheaper than buying it alone, and it can also be customized if there are more people. There are also many money-saving advantages for multi-person riding, so I won’t say much here.

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