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Welcome to Shuangye e-bikes

Welcome to Shuangye e-bikes

Our focus and specialty is electric bikes (2 wheels), trikes (3 wheels) and electric conversion kits. We have e-bikes in our store ready to go, e-bikes on order, e-bikes that can be ordered and a workshop and trained technicians ready to help you with any electric bike questions or issues you may have with your rechargeable bike battery.
Consider an Electric Bike Lifestyle.
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Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are becoming a part of the two wheel landscape as people realize that cars are not that cheap to own. Environmentally cars are unfriendly and are becoming expensive to park, and on a nice day are just not as much fun as rolling along on a bike.
You may have shied away from bicycles over the years because you think bikes are hard to ride, or traffic is a bit daunting. Perhaps you don’t feel fit enough to ride a bike.
You may have a physical issues that makes riding a normal two wheel bicycle difficult. Perhaps you have damaged knees or hips or an issue that just makes pedaling difficult. Perhaps you have trouble with your balance.
Electric bikes have a motor to help you along by assisting when you are pedaling. Some of our bikes have a throttle as well. On these you don’t have to pedal at all (although riding with the motor only will shorten your range quite a bit).

Shuangye e-bikes (2)What about scooters?
Some say that if you need a motor in/on your bike, then you might as well get a motorized electric scooter. For some people that is correct. For others it isn’t. Scooters are bigger and heavier than bikes. If their battery goes flat you have to push them, and they are not very fast. Electric bikes are not limited by the range of the battery. Three wheeled bikes (tricycles or trikes) are as stable as any scooter and the motor gives them a much larger capacity for cargo. For many this makes them a better choice.
Have an Electric Bike Conversation with us.
In our shop you will find electric bikes that can fold up and go in the boot of your car. These are quite popular for those that want to park at the edges of the city, where parking is often free, and then ride into town where they work.
Not all the bikes we can supply are in the shop at any one time but you can see our range of bikes available here. If you like! We can also provide you with service and/or repair of your electric bike if you already have one so once again please give us a call.




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