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What about affordable electric bikes with low configuration?

What about affordable electric bikes with low configuration?

Whatever personal or distributor, they want to purchase affordable electric bikes from manufacturer. But as we all know, the quality of electric bike decide their cost, so different the cost of electric bikes is decided for different production material. The material better, the quality higher, the bike cost higher. Usually, Shuangye electric bikes use common and high quality configuration for adapt a lot of people needs. For meet different people requirements, there are some affordable electric bikes with low configuration, which is suitable for low requirement people.

The first one you can choose is low battery capacity. For example, if you just use it for short-distance riding and traveling on flat road without any rugged road section, 36V 8AH battery capacity is enough to meet your daily needs. The affordable electric bikes just reduce the battery capacity, the charging time is still 5-7 hours and if you want to cycling longer, that is good choice to combine E-Bike mode and Pedal Assist mode. These not only can meet your one or two time long-distance riding, but also it is cycling easier than normal bike. If you do not need electric bike battery, we also offer the bike which is no battery.

If you do not that person who pursuit fast speed biking, it is unnecessary to choose too high motor power. As long as you are not living in hilly areas or often passing across rugged road, 250W brushless geared hub motor mounted on rear wheel can provides your requirement power. The max speed of the affordable electric bikes – 25km/h – fit a lot of people need and district rule. And this affordable electric bikes also bring you non-pedaling journey through a thumb throttle or pedal assist system, enjoy a easy green traveling every day.

Sometime derailleur is not too needed if you always ride a fixed route. And that road have not too rugged. Single speed affordable electric bikes is more suitable for you and it have enough ability to solve most of road issue, its cycling have a bit of like normal bike but more easier. Especially city affordable electric bikes. If you always biking in the city and countryside, V-brake system could offer your bike enough braking force when used low motor power, so you don’t need to installed mechanical disc brake. But the disc brake is better than V-brake , the cost higher. Iron material although not more durable than aluminum alloy material, and heavier than aluminum alloy a bit. But iron’s cost is cheaper. Some small components can be replace by iron material, like riser, pedal, front fork. but the bike frame still use aluminum alloy.

Which one models of affordable electric bikes you can choose with low configuration on Shuangye electric bike? For example, folding electric bikes A1-7, mountain electric bikes A6AB26 and city electric bikes A3AL24. And you have not too much requirements for speed and other, just want an electric bike for traveling in your daily life. They must be a great choice to you.

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