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What are the advantages of electric bicycles? 5 advantages!

What are the advantages of electric bicycles? 5 advantages!

1、Moving freely

As with bicycles, the ability to travel to a variety of places can be considered a major advantage of electric bicycles. People ride, electric bikes are free to come and go, flexible and convenient.
Electric bicycles are small, light and can be easily moved around the streets. Especially in those cities where every inch of land is gold, electric bikes can be easily placed in the basement of the floor or in the designated location of the community, without taking up too much space and public space.


Ms. Ma originally drove a car every day, but currently, she has bought a new electric bike, which is not only convenient for getting to and from work, but also has a lot of gas money left over. Mr. Wang also bought an electric bicycle for his child who is in junior high school. Mr. Wang said, “The child has a long way to go to school, and it is fast and cheap to ride an electric bike.”
Indeed, electric bicycles are the same as bicycles without paying road fees, and an ordinary electric car is not expensive. At the same time, the cost of electricity is only one tenth of the cost of motorcycle fuel. The people do not like affordable and cheap things?

off road electric bike A6-R 16.5Kg

3、Energy saving and environmental protection

Electric bicycle has another advantage: it can achieve zero emissions and does not pollute the atmosphere. For the same 100 km journey, cars generally need 5-15 liters of gasoline and motorcycles need 2-6 liters of oil, but electric bicycles only need 1-3 degrees of electricity. With the world’s growing energy crisis, the electric bike is a very sensible choice.
In today’s increasingly polluted world, we are contributing to environmental protection by using electric bicycles more often.

4、Convenient charging

An electric bike, generally can run 40 km a day, while charging is also very convenient: after using it during the day, take the electric bike battery home at night and charge it. Very convenient. In case the electric bike runs out of power, you can also rely on human power and ride back. This is much more convenient than a car without gas.

5、Riding safety

As electric bicycles are lighter and slower (speed can be fully regulated and limited to a reasonable range), and at the same time with the requirements of the riders, the safety performance of electric vehicle driving has been improved, especially the brakes (double disc brakes) and other aspects of indicators have been greatly improved to meet the safety needs of everyday people’s travel.

Electric bicycle, general electric vehicle speed will not be too high. So riding up, very safe. Especially for mothers with babies, this advantage is more practical and safe.