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What E Bike Owners Have to Say

Still hesitating about electric bikes? finally! ! A comprehensive electric bike survey for us to partner with! Now, we can see what other e-bike owners have to say about their experiences. The following post presents data from the NITC (National Institute of Transportation and Community Research) 2018 survey titled “North American Electric Bicycle Owners Survey.” “The results of this project show that e-bikes enable users to cycle more often and to ride longer distances. E-bikes also enable people who would otherwise be unable to cycle (due to physical limitations or location) to overcome these challenges.”

Read on to find out the stats behind it: what drives others to buy an electric bike, most common uses, where to buy, and more!
To quote directly from the executive summary:

 “From an analysis of the survey responses, it is clear that e-bikes have made cycling possible for more people, many of whom are unable to ride a standard bike or feel unsafe to do so. In addition, the electric assist of an e-bike helps generate more trips , longer trips, and different types of bike trips. These findings are reflected in the high value of being able to cross hills more easily, ride farther and faster with less effort, and be able to carry more cargo or children when needed. “

E Bike

How often and for what?
Survey respondents were asked what percentage of their weekly travel was done by different means. The results show that e-bikes are the most common primary mode of commuting to work or school, as well as sports and recreational cycling! Check out the chart below.

Where did you get that thing from?
A whopping 35.6% of respondents said they purchased an e-bike online!

What are you looking for in an electric bike?
Participants noted that they were most concerned with the following characteristics: battery range, bike type/style, and price. We at Powermove E-Bikes take three things very seriously.

What about service?
More than two-thirds of respondents (70%) said they would not have to service their e-bikes for problems related to the battery, motor or electronic system.

Cycling obstacles
Very interesting to see how the top 3 barriers (hills, distance and sweat) known to be holding back more frequent cycling trips were solved by switching to e-bikes.

why do they buy
If you’re wondering what inspired these respondents to buy an electric bike in the first place, the chart below illustrates it. Top 3 reasons: Alternative to car travel, effortless cycling and recreational purposes.

It might be cool at first, but…
Worried that once you get your new e-bike, maybe you’ll only ride it a few times and eventually lose the excitement and maybe even forget you own one? This was not a problem for the respondents as 49.2% said they ride an e-bike every day!

In summary
“The findings confirm previous findings that e-bikes have the ability to mediate some of the barriers to riding a standard bike, can increase riders, can also increase the frequency with which people ride, and can replace other means of transportation (such as their cars).” In Wouldn’t it be nice to get insight from a real electric bike owner before buying it yourself? For more interesting facts to consider when buying an electric bike, you can view the entire report by clicking the link below:


North American Electric Bike Owner Survey

Can riding a green bike E-bike make you a happier person?

Granted, the term “happier person” is a bit vague for scientific research, but scientists have shown that cycling improves physical health in general, and therefore mental health. Conventional bikes are certainly the best way to go, but Green Bike e-bikes can make Powermove a healthier, happier commute to a whole new crowd. We know firsthand that more e-bikes mean more people happiness, and happiness is contagious, but our evidence is purely anecdotal, so we’re leaving the scientists to do the heavy lifting. Here’s what we’ve found about bicycling that’s good for you.

fat tire ebike

Green Bike e-bikes allow you to multitask
For busy people, one of the biggest barriers to exercising is time. Most people work at least 8 hours a day, and then when we get home, we either have a lot of other responsibilities that pull us in different directions, or we just want to take the time to relax. One way to overcome this obstacle is to multitask. Let your commute and exercise occupy the same time. Now, Powermove is about eliminating the sweat factor. Green Bike’s City Hybrid and City Premium models let you experience the fresh air and get to work in a healthier way, all without breaking a sweat.

Once you make time for an e-bike, you start to feel its benefits
Scientists have shown that cycling can often promote positive mental health. This moderate exercise has positive effects on self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and stress. Cycling is one of the best exercises for your head and heart. It can also help you sleep better. Thus, e-bikes could get more people on the bandwagon, making work happier and healthier (but not as sweaty as conventional bikes). You’ll get better rest, and you’ll find yourself starting to pedal more and more to exercise, but only when you choose.

Out of the antisocial bubble: your car!
Tour any major city with your Green Bike City Hybrid or City Premium during rush hour and take a look inside the car. You’ll see some very unhappy faces, some people may glow when they see you pass them without pedaling, but most people will still be unhappy. E-bikes not only allow you to avoid traffic, but also allow you to become part of your surroundings. Car commuters are trapped in this bubble for up to 2 hours a day; behind glass, metal and plastic, preventing them from interacting with the outside world.

The researchers even demonstrated that the disorder leads to more road rage, as people are more willing to beep, yell and practice sign language skills when they feel protected in the car. Our Green Bike models have horns, but we rarely use them at Powermove. We didn’t have to wait in traffic; the bike lanes were a bit crowded at times, but there was a sense of camaraderie among the cyclists and very little tension. Most of the shouting was about the specs of our e-bikes, and it was with a smile. In fact, we were asked so many questions that we wrote another article on the most common questions people ask about electric bikes.

If cycling to work is good for your health, no matter what the rider chooses, an e-bike is the same. Those with limited mobility or just starting out on their fitness journey have not had this option until now. Green Bike Electric Motion offers everyone a happy, healthy, sweat-free way to travel. We know from personal experience that it makes you happier, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the video below.

Sweating is a significant issue if you bike to work, and most people don’t have enough luck getting a shower in the office. People sweat less on e-bikes because they don’t have to pedal as hard, and higher speeds mean more wind to keep you cool. I love this story, told by a committed cyclist who tried an e-bike a little reluctantly:

“After my first long commute, I changed my mind about electric bikes. I installed HOTELBIKE’s top-paced electric bikes in leafy Brooklyn and was skeptical of the battery-powered bike proposition. After all, riding Cyclists exercise on bikes. This seems to be cheating.

Seven miles later, when I got to Times Square, it dawned on me. Strictly speaking, e-bikes have nothing to do with sports. It’s about commuting. The bike’s electric motor helped me climb the Brooklyn Bridge and up a long incline from the Hudson River to the center of traffic-heavy Manhattan. The HOTEBIKE transforms the usually sweaty bike commute into a delightful, energizing spin. In fact, I’ve given up cycling to work because it leaves me soaking wet and not having a shower at work is a no-brainer. Electric bikes make bike commuting possible again. “

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