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What environment can electric scooters be used in?

What environment can electric scooters be used in?

Since 1996 electric scooter have been around in our life, they are slowly flooded a number of large cities. And the numbers are fairly impressive. Even you would saw one or two electric scooters users with their electric scooter on the streets of small cities. Especially in office buildings area and university campuses, you can see many users use electric scooters for commute or change their classroom to have a class. And some area have been established eScooter rental companies, people can rental electric scooters to use without buying one.

Is electric scooters can ride in wet condition?

You need to pay attention to two things when you riding electric scooters in the rain. First, you have to understand how the water would be affecting the electric components in your electric scooter. Second, you need to understand is that the handling and performance of electric scooters in wet conditions is more difficult, just like with a electric bicycle. Because wet surfaces can dramatically lower the traction of the electric scooter, making it harder to maneuver or stop.

In order to considerate your riding safety, we don’t suggest you ride electric scooter in wet conditions, especially in the heavy rain and torrential rain. But Shuangye A1-8 electric scooters adopt mechanical disc brake system, it can support all-weather riding. Don’t worry about the braking performance of electric scooters, so riding in short intervals during a light rain is allowed. If you fully submerge your electric scooter in water, floods or high water. It not only will damage the electric components beyond repair, but also there are some security risks, like leakage.

Can electric scooters ride on hilly areas?

That is no doubt that electric scooters can ride on the flat road smooth and fast, it can roll some small obstructs easily. Electric scooters usually use in city as officers commuter tool. However, there is an important question whether or not an electric scooter can go uphill and tackle sharp inclines for some riders who living in hilly areas are concerned whether their electric scooters can climb the steep hilly terrains or not. In fact, electric scooters can go uphill.

You have to considerate three factors before you want to ride electric scooters go uphill on hilly areas. First, climb angle is the most important factors of all. The steeper climb angle is, the harder it is for the electric scooter to do the climb. Second, weight will decide whether or not you can success climbing uphill with electric scooter. Different weight of people have different climb effect. So it is necessary know the max loading of electric scooter. As a rule, the heavier electric scooter is, the maximum weight capacity is higher.

Third, the battery and the motor have a direct impact on the performance of the scooter. For you more robust riding experience, Shuangye A1-8 electric scooters adopt a long-lasting battery and high-torque motor at 36V 250W/350W 48V 500W, a large battery store the significant power you will need. Equipped with grooved rubber or pneumatic tire.These tires offer a firm grip on most of the surfaces, wet or dry.

No matter what surface you ride on, riders will have a good grip on the road for proper handling. Powerful motors, efficient batteries and high-tire tires Electric scooters give you a different riding experience than electric scooters made of low-grade components.

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