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What is an inductive bike light

What is an inductive bike light
Induction bike lights have a complete housing surrounded by an inductor that generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field transfers an electric current to the gas inside the induction light. A phosphor coating on the bulb converts the ultraviolet radiation produced by the gas under electrical excitation into visible light.

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Induction lamps last longer than traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps because no electrodes or filaments are used in the system and the components do not burn out as quickly.

What are the benefits of induction lamps?
Available in a wide range of color temperatures and customized special colors.
Induction lamps have color temperatures ranging from 2000 K to 6500 K. The most natural soft light is always daylight. In contrast, induction lamps can be available in a single red, blue or green color for plants or other specialized uses.

High efficiency, high lumens.
Induction lamps typically have pupil lumens in excess of 150 and lumens per watt in excess of 80, with a higher lumen maintenance rate than any traditional light source.

Long induction bulb life.
Induction bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours. Induction lamps are known for their long life. That’s because induction bulbs have no filament or electrodes running through the glass bulb surface to heat and cool, and they are sealed from failure. When heat stress is added to conventional lighting, the induction bulb may crack a little, but the light can be

More uniform, no glare.
Many modern light sources (such as HID and HPS) are core light sources that only emit light from the center of the bulb or a single point of light, but induction lights are surface light sources. Induction lamps provide better uniformity than core light sources, making them suitable for locations such as factories and sports centers.

No risk of bulb damage.
The sealed tube contains the induction lamp. Therefore, there is less chance of the bulb breaking and releasing mercury into the air.

High energy efficiency.
In addition, induction lamps are extremely energy efficient. They produce up to 80 lumens per watt and do not flicker. In addition, unlike other bulbs, induction bulbs can illuminate both large and small spaces, depending on the type of bulb selected.

Reduced start and restart times.
Electromagnetic induction lamps take very little time to start and restart.

Ideal for nighttime travelers.
Whether or not you use an induction light system depends on your preferred riding style, but many riders will benefit from purchasing induction lights, especially those who regularly ride at night.

No need to worry about charging your lights.
For those who regularly commute by bike to work and to the city, cycling makes sense. It allows you to ride your bike whenever you want without having to worry about charging your lights, which is a big plus. On long trips, it’s crucial for bike backpackers and bike tourists to not have to worry about where to charge their lights. It’s also quite convenient to charge your electronics on the go.

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Less likely to be stolen.
Induction lights are usually bolted to your bike, making them harder to steal if you keep your bike locked up on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a specific commuter bike, then an induction light system is the way to go.

Increase time spent outdoors.
Induction lights add unlimited run time, allowing you to be as active as you want to be outside, which is both practical and gives you a sense of psychological security. This is helpful for people who ride road bikes all year round or enjoy long rides.

Environmentally friendly
Due to their long lifespan, induction lamps are very environmentally friendly. The maintenance and replacement of lamps generates less waste and pollution as they do not need to be replaced as often. Since induction lamps are relatively efficient, they help reduce energy and fossil fuel consumption. Mercury in induction lamps can be harmful to the environment if not handled properly. Since mercury is a solid, there is no need to worry about bulb breakage. Proper disposal of induction bulbs is simple. It is also rarely necessary due to their long lifespan.

Induction lamps are a fourth-generation technology that combines the old with the new. Thanks to their extraordinarily long service life (100,000 hours), you don’t need to do any maintenance, which reduces the cost of replacement breakdowns. Thanks to the amazing lighting efficiency, you can save more than 70% on your bills.

The rotation speed of the wheel affects the speed at which the sensor light system flashes the LEDs. Since it is non-contact, it is virtually frictionless. It uses the principle of magnetic induction, so it is waterproof, maintenance-free, requires no batteries, and looks very stylish. You will enjoy a clearer and healthier working environment thanks to its glare-free, flicker-free illumination!

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