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what the best electric mountain bike – hotebike A6AH26

Motor: 36V 250W/350W/500W
Battery: 36V 8AH/10AH/13AH hidden battery
Max Speed: 25-30km/h
Max Range: 40km-60km per charge
Wheel: 26/27.5/29 inch
Max Load: 150kgs
Charging time: 5-7 hours
Gear: 7/9/21/27 speed
PAS: Multi Level Pedal Assist System
Frame: Aluminium Alloy Light Weight Frame

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what the best electric mountain bike – hotebike A6AH26

What the best electric mountain bike? This model has been beautifully designed for performance and uncompromising riding pleasure. Look like normal but not normal, A6AH26 with hidden battery design. It is more fashionable. It can take you everywhere you want without any effort. You can ride 40-60km after each full charging.

what the best mountain bike - hotebike A6AH261 what the best mountain bike - hotebike A6AH262 what the best mountain bike - hotebike A6AH263 what the best mountain bike - hotebike A6AH264 what the best mountain bike - hotebike A6AH265

Advantage 1/ High Grade Reinforced Aluminium 6061 2/ Accelerate using the Thumb Throttle or pedal along with the highly efficient Torque Sensor and let the motor help you, with HOTEBIKE Technology you have the choice if you don’t want to pedal. Travel up to 70km per charge using the Bullsharks efficient Torque Sensor Technology. 3/ The battery is removable, lockable and compact, making it easy to charge it separately from the bike and swap them out on longer rides. A full charge takes just 4 hours and, hardly ever needs replacing. 4/The electric bike is the urban mobility of the future. A complement to, rather than a replacement of, classic two wheeled transport. 5/Effortless motion from a light, agile design that delivers an intuitive interaction between rider and bike. 6/In terms of power, the A6AH26 is fitted with a no maintenance 250W Rear Hub Motor that will take you smoothly up to the top speed of 15.5mph (25KM/H) through the 5 pedal assist levels and also features a handlebar mounted thumb throttle. If you are looking for the best electric bike then look no further, you’ve just found it.