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Which brand of electric scooter is best?

Which brand of electric scooter is best?

Every year, we see new inventions and ideas come to the
forefront of our society. It’s hard to keep up with what is in and out when it
comes to trends. One example of this trend-chasing that I see every day on my commute
home from work are people riding electric scooters.

The idea behind these scooters started in China just a few
years ago but has quickly taken off in popularity across the globe and in
America as well. With so many people using them daily, they have become more
common than skateboards or bikes for getting around town – even for

From personal experience, they seem like an easy way to get
some exercise while commuting, and they are fun!

We have tested a variety of the top models to show you which
brand’s electric scooters are the best and why. Have a look:

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 – 

Multifunctional dashboard

Comfortable extended grip

Sensitive hand throttle

Fold it up in seconds.

The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 is an excellent scoot that won’t
let you down. It’s fast, almost silent, and boasts battery power which just
keeps on going! The smartphone app permits riders to track their speed. So it’s
easy for everyone in your group or family to get where they need to go without
getting lost along the way.

The newly released ‘Xiaomi miScooterPro2′ may seem very
similar towards its predecessor ” hugely popular model -the 365″,
however, this doesn’t make them any much less joyous nor suitable as
transport–it can be briskly driven while being practically soundless.

The Mi Scooter Pro 2 is a sleek, fast electric scooter with
an updated KERS braking system. Due to its folding design, the scooter is easy
to carry and makes commuting more comfortable than ever before. However, this
model weighs a bit more, around 14 kg, due to its heavy-duty battery.

Furthermore, the large 8.5 inches tires allow you to
maneuver small bumps while you can also use them for light off-roading, but
it’s not as smooth as models that have 10 inches wheels.

Moreover, it can bear up to 100kg of weight and lasts for up
to 45km. However, you won’t get this mileage if you use it to its maximum speed
of 25km/hour, but you’ll get plenty of playtimes.

Lastly, there are some great add-ons such as cruise control,
adjustable speed and acceleration, a headlight and brake light, and an advanced
ABS braking system; all these features make this Mi Scooter Pro 2 the best
electric scooter for many people.

Ninebot Max G30

Features 10-inch tires.

Built-In LED Lights.

Top Speed 18.6 mph.

Miles Range

40 Miles Range

IPX5 Water-Resistant

The Ninebot Max G30 is one of the most impressive electric
scooters out there, with a range that can reach 40 miles in no time. It also
boasts fast acceleration and excellent handling thanks to its large 10-inch
tires, which help reduce shock when riding.

With a weight of 18kg, this scooter is not portable when
compared to other models on the market. However, it does have three different
driving modes which efficiently accommodate your journey needs perfectly.
Whether you are looking for an easy commute or something more challenging.

There’s a lot to love about this e-bike, but it pays off in
weight. The tires and large battery pack offer 40 miles range on your average
commute without sacrificing too much convenience or speed for longer journeys.
This is great, but these are tough to carry, especially when you take them onto

Turboant X7 Pro –

Max Range 30 Miles.

Max Speed 20 mph.

Features 10 Ah battery.

Include 10-Inch tires.

Max Load 275 lbs.

Framed as a Mi Scooter Pro 2, this Turboant X7 Pro is
another choice in the category and the most capable electric scooter at the

With the upgraded 10in inflatable wheels, you’ll have a
superior riding experience going up curbs or over bumps in the road. The 350W motor
with maximum 700 W output is powerful enough for any terrain. Furthermore, the
scooter is ideal for heavy riders and supports a weight of up to 125kg.

Another good thing about the scooter is that you can remove
its battery, plus it comes with its own charging port so that you can remove
and charge it separately. In this way, your scooter always remains fully
charged and ready to ride.

Like the Xiaomi, this scooter also features cool lights and
reflectors along with a cruise control feature that you can use to maintain the
constant speed for 6 seconds. Lastly, you can only get this sturdy electric
scooter directly from Turboant. Not from local sellers.

Niubility N1 –

Scooter’s tire size 8.5 inches.

Max speed 15mph.

Motor power: 250W.

Max Range 15 miles.

Battery 256Wh.

Niubility might not be the most popular electric scooter
brand on the market, but it is an interesting scooter due to many reasons. The
first thing that we loved about this scooter is its unique and raised back that
allows you to rest your foot comfortably without worrying about stepping on the
back wheel.

Apart from it, the scooter’s shape is unique and much
different from the others on this list and market.

Furthermore, this heavy-duty electric scooter comes loaded
with a powerful and durable 250W motor that can reach up to 15mph in no time
and offers you the 15-mile range. This might be on the lower side as compared
to the other scooters but keep in mind that this Niubility N1 is the lightest
out there, weighing around 12kg.

Apart from it, the scooter can be folded effortlessly and
quickly, and you can also carry this scooter onto public transport or throw it
into the vehicle’s back or inside an RV.

Other than that, it’s one of the most affordable options on
this list and the market. But the scooter lack some necessary features, such as
a companion app that allows you to adjust the speedometer from km/h to mph or a
remote lock. However, these are not the main requirements or essential features
for most users.

Lastly, the overall build quality of the scooter is up to
the mark, and you will love its beautiful rear brake lights.

Inokim Light

Max Range: 30-45 km.

Integrated LED lights.

Front and rear drum brakes.

Includes 8.5 inch tires.

Max Load capacity 100 kg or 220 lbs.

Do you want to go for a ride? That’s the question Inokim
answers with their Light electric scooter. Built tough and built strong, this
top-quality adult model will get you wherever your heart desires without
breaking down in between.

The bike is not the lightest, but still, it is manageable at
13kg. So if you are fit and healthy, you can carry this thing on your trips.
Apart from it, the scooter’s shape is quite interesting and different from the

This Inokim Light electric scooter looks like a mini tank
and comes with a robust 250W motor in the back that allows you to cruise at a
speedy 21mPh. The brake mechanism is reliable, while its front and rear LEDs
look awesome and make it prominent to others.

Moreover, you won’t face any issues while folding this thing
half for easy and secure transport or storage. Plus, you can also fold down its
handlebars. There is an LCD display on the front right side that displays the
scooter’s speed and total distance covered.

Furthermore, you can use the push buttons to set the power levels,
and it has three offerings in terms of speeds.

Talking of the scooter’s batteries, the Light has a decent
range of up to 24 miles, and this allows you to use the scooter to commute to
work. Lastly, we loved its black shade, but you have plenty of other color
options as well.

Alfawise M1 –

Scooter’s max mileage around 30km.

Maximum speed up to 25km/h.

Max load capacity 100kg.

Motor Power: 280W.

Includes 8.5 inch tires.

The Alfawise M1 looks pretty much similar to a popular
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 2 Pro. Like Xiaomi, this Alfawise M1 electric scooter also
features an integrated speedo, a reliable braking system. However, the tries in
this electric scooter are highly durable than the Xiaomi Mi.

Furthermore, the scooter is fun to ride and ideal to use on
bumpy paths. Featuring a maximum speed of around 25kmph, the scooter is ideal
for daily commuters as well as for pro riders. What’s more interesting is that
you can go up to 30kmph. However, it’s a bit difficult to monitor its speed or
distance as it is not compatible with the smartphone’s companion app.

Another good thing is that Alfawise M1 is much more
affordable than Xiaomi. The new model has some good upgrades, and the new
design looks much better now. Furthermore, the comfort is high as well, while
it comes with a powerful 350W motor.

Build quality might not be the toughest, but it can
withstand rough uses if maintained correctly and adequately. However, some
consumer reports state that it is difficult to see the speedo in bright

Overall, considering its affordable price, the scooter has
everything you will need for a smooth ride. The automatic acceleration is
smooth, while the cruise control feature is also helpful. Braking is solid and
instant so avoid using sharp brakes.


So, which electric scooter brand is best? We can’t answer
that question for you. That’s because it depends on a few factors like your
budget and what you plan to use the electric scooter for. But we do know
this—electric scooters are here to stay and getting popular day by day.

Have any questions regarding the topic “Which
brand of electric scooter is best?” Feel Free to comment below.

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