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Which electric bicycle wheel size is right for you?

Which electric bicycle wheel size is right for you?

With so many excellent electric bicycles on the market, there are lots of questions to considerate before purchase an electric bicycle: which brand, which model and maybe the most important think factor – which electric bicycle wheel size suit me? One of the many choices you’ll have to make is the wheel size on your electric bicycle which will have a big impact on how it rides and handles. We show you what to look for so you’ll get a perfect fitting electric bicycle wheel size.

How to define the electric bicycle wheel size?

Electric bicycle wheel were sized according to wheel diameter length and measured in inches. Bicycle wheels come in many different sizes based on different electric bicycle models. Electric bicycle wheel size standards range from small 12-inch diameter wheels to large 29-inch diameter wheels. Maybe your height will be a factor when you make a choice to opt the bike wheel size. It were lucky to find a right wheel size electric bicycle after a quick look at your height.

With the development of electric bicycles, things slowly started to change. An electric bicycle not only limited on off-road riding, but also use to commute, travel and exercise. Now, people buy an electric bicycle often meet their daily life as well as off-road riding with friend at weekend. Usually, 14 inch electric bicycle wheel will almost definitely be found on a folding electric bicycle. Shuangye A1-S and Shuangye A1-Q used 14 inch wheel size to to reduce weight and keep the folded size as compact as possible. They can put in high floor building, car trunk, office room and compact place.

Similarly, Maybe you would found 20 inch wheel on a folding bike, and it is much more common than 16 inch electric bike wheel. There are also many non-folding bikes with 20 inch wheels, such as Shuangye A6AH20F – a small fat tire wheel more match with lady, kid and urban residents. But if you don’t want a folding bicycle, you can pretty much rule out 16 and 20 inch wheels right now. 

26 inch wheels are the most common electric bicycle wheel size and can be found on everything from electric mountain bikes to electric road bikes to electric beach cruisers. There are even found on 26 inch folding electric bicycle. If you plan to buy an folding electric bicycle with big wheel size, Shuangye G4 series products are suitable for you.

Effects of wheel size

The biggest effect of wheel size must be ride quality. What that mean different wheel size for your ride? Easily roll over obstacles is one of the main pros of larger wheel size. The electric bicycle wheel size is larger, the easier and more comfortable when you’ll roll over obstacles and imperfections in your path. It is necessary when you encounter rocks and roots or ride in cities where dealing with curbs and pot holes. That is reason why most of electric mountain bikes will use 26 inch wheel size or more.

Your height also a effect factor when you choose electric bicycle wheel size before. Small wheel electric bicycle you can easy found in city street. If someone who tall and strong, no one will recommend a small wheel size electric bicycle unless it is own choice. You can found that the larger wheel size, the bike frame larger. So 20 inch and 24 inch electric bicycle wheel size are suitable for those who riders with shorter arms than legs or wanting a more upright riding position to their liking as the shorter reach may feel more comfortable.

If you’re interest in electric bicycle, browse our website to find the right electric bicycle wheel size for you or leave a message below.