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Why are electric bikes so expensive

Why are electric bikes so expensive? Value for money? [Comprehensive buying guide]

Why are electric bikes so expensive

As people realize how much help they can provide in their daily lives, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. A recent study found that more than 50% of people who had considered buying electric bikes continued to buy after understanding the benefits. But why are electric bikes so expensive? If you have set your sights on electric bicycles, I know you are surprised at the high price.

But don’t worry; looking at the price tag of a two-wheeler, you are not the only one feeling defeated. We will solve this problem below, and even try to answer whether their price is worth it, what are some great but budget-friendly electric bikes where you can put your hands in there without braking. But before that, what’s the point of buying an electric bike first? Electric bicycles are a great way to travel, but it is difficult to know which bicycle is right for you. There are so many choices, and they all have different functions, so how do you know which one best suits your needs?

Generally speaking, cycling is related to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that electric bicycles are just electric vehicles that do not require any pedals. In fact, using an electric bicycle will eventually burn some calories. Of course, if your main reason for riding a bicycle is fitness exercise, then an electric bicycle may not be your best choice. However, you need to remember that, just as racing is not the only purpose of a car; exercise is not the only reason to ride a bicycle. So, what are the real benefits of making yourself a bionic rider?

What is the significance of electric bicycles?

Now, if you like me like working on an invention powered by green energy, adventuring on various terrains, hauling groceries or pets and other items, I find electric bicycles very convenient and easy. Of course, you can still do this on a traditional bicycle, but you can’t do it on long distances or on steep slopes, and it’s definitely not something to do every day, because you are likely to wear out.

Secondly, commuting to get off work by bicycle is an impact. However, after a period of time, you will definitely need to recover for a few days. However, with an electric bicycle, you can commute all year round (if the weather permits) without recovery, because the pedal assist bicycle can help you when pedaling.

How long can electric bicycles last?

After all, electric bicycles are a huge investment, and everyone wants the best results from the purchase. People are most concerned about the service life of electric bicycles.
Don’t forget that the disabled, the injured, and the elderly lack the machismo of the past, but can’t pump the same power as before. Now, if they still need to ride freely as before without wearing or hurting their joints, electric bicycles provide an incredible opportunity for riding mobility. Finally, electric bicycles provide a good way to cope with narrow streets and forbidding steep slopes, making it easier and more comfortable, and providing self-propelled power boosts.
To sum up the main points of electric bicycles, I will say that they are suitable for those who need it;

Ride farther without much effort

Ride more frequently without wear
Conquer the formidable hills
Even if they are injured, they can enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride.
Throw your dog into the bicycle trailer and take her to a new place
Exercise more instead of walking alone.

Why are electric bikes so expensive?

Generally speaking, electric bicycles are much more expensive than traditional bicycles. The main reason they are expensive is that they have more expensive components and have more associated costs than traditional bicycles. Some components that significantly increase the budget include batteries, motors, and battery chargers. In addition, considering that they are electric bicycles, they need to have excellent waterproof performance.
Why are electric bikes so expensive

The cheapest long-range electric bike-affordable and less than $1,000

Is it possible that the price will drop soon? In my opinion, yes, but I can’t determine the exact time, so if you think you need an electric bike now, you don’t have to wait. Electric bicycle technology is relatively new, and sales in the United States are still low compared to the rest of the world at least. However, there is no doubt that as the technology matures and sales increase, the cost of electric bicycles will drop.
Part of the reason that these bicycles will produce more in the future is environmental factors.
Advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles
Advantages of electric bicycles
Disadvantages of electric bicycles
Before you decide to buy an electric bicycle, you first need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles.

Here, we will outline the pros and cons of electric bicycles.

Benefits of electric bicycles
Go further: With pedal assist technology, riders can get the power they need to travel more miles at higher speeds than they might otherwise be.
Easier for your body: electric bicycles allow you to ride for a long time without any discomfort. Although you can still adjust the amount of support required, an electric bicycle can greatly avoid joint pain and muscle pain.
Ideal for training: If you want to do more exercise but are often restricted by your health, an electric bike can help you, allowing you to easily traverse long distances and daunting hills.

Environmental protection: Electric bicycle motors use significantly lower power than motorcycles and automobiles. They also do not leave any carbon footprint, so they protect the environment. 

Save your commuting costs: Electric bicycles are a money-saving commuting solution because they do not require fuel and save charging costs, which can’t even be compared with fuel prices.

Disadvantages of electric bicycles: Cost: High-priced electric bicycles are expensive. However, for money, you can get a reliable and value-for-money bicycle.

Environmental benefits of electric bicycles
Electric bicycles have a number of environmental benefits, including:
Zero Emissions: Electric bicycles run on electricity instead of fossil fuels that emit carbon into the atmosphere. Electric bicycles are considered to be zero-emission vehicles that use clean energy.

Prevent air pollution: Zero-emission vehicles will not cause smoke, a type of air pollution usually released by burning fossil fuels. Long-lasting battery: The battery on the electric bicycle is durable and does not need to be replaced for many years. In addition, they can be recycled, so there is very little waste generated by electric bicycles. Finally, the battery on an electric bicycle is different from the battery in a car in that it does not contain lead, which is harmful to the environment. 

Sustainable energy: Electricity standards are more sustainable than using fossil fuels such as petroleum.

Why are electric bikes so expensive

The most popular features of electric bicycles
Electric bicycles have some unique features that traditional bicycles don’t usually have. These functions are:
Motor: The motor of the electric bicycle is the basic feature that determines the power transmission of the electric bicycle. Generally, electric motors work by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Batteries: The batteries on electric bicycles store electrical energy, or more precisely, the juice needed to propel the electric bicycle forward.
52V 19.2Ah battery
Throttle: The throttle function can provide power to your electric bicycle without the rider stepping on the pedal. This is a very convenient function when climbing a mountain or driving a long distance.
Electronic equipment: High-end electric bicycles are usually equipped with electronic dashboards, which serve as the information center for your riding.

The most popular features of electric bicycles

Here you can find all the information about your performance, including speed, distance, battery level, current range, etc.

The best electric bikes for tall and short riders
If you are a higher or shorter rider than average, finding an electric bike that fits your height can be a challenge. However, you can still find some amazing electric bikes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of riders outside of average height.

What should I pay attention to when buying an electric bicycle?
When choosing an electric bike, you need to consider many features.

These include:

The motor is the core component of any bicycle, so its position is crucial.
Ideally, you should choose an electric bike with a front hub motor because it is easier to maintain in case you need to remove the wheel for puncture. On the other hand, the maintenance of the rear hub motor is very complicated. In addition, please note that not all motors are the same. In order to obtain the best performance, please choose a motor with greater power and torque.

The three common battery types on electric bicycles are:
Lead-acid batteries: cheap, but heavy and sensitive to climate change
Nickel-cadmium batteries: They are lighter, but have a memory effect, which means that their performance is easily affected if they are not fully discharged before charging.
Lithium batteries: They are more effective but quite expensive Another key element of batteries is that you should choose rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.

The weight of electric bicycles varies, so you should always consider the weight factor because you may run out of power and require you to push the electric bicycle.


Generally speaking, electric bicycles are expensive, but like any other product; they have everything from super budget electric bicycles to super premium class. The most expensive bicycle is not necessarily the best for you. The trick here is to find an electric bike within your budget, and more importantly, find an electric bike that meets your riding needs.

If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.