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Why Consumers Can Expect E-Bike Prices To Rise Very Soon

Did you know that the concept of electric bikes dates back to the 1800s? The idea was conceived long ago and comes in many shapes and sizes, but it never went mainstream. With e-bike sales soaring this year, that’s hardly the case anymore. this is correct! In 2018, thousands of Americans decided to join the Green Revolution and bought themselves an electric bike (priced between $1,000 and $4,000). So with dozens of new e-bike manufacturers and models entering the market, the prices of these e-bikes should be ready to drop a little, right? Incorrect…

Electric bike prices are expected to rise across the board in the coming months. To understand why this is the case, let’s be clear – most e-bikes (over 90%) are made in China. This doesn’t apply to well-known bike makers that decide to add an expensive e-bike model to their line for over $6000…the vast majority of manufacturers that specialize in e-bikes actually source their production from China. Even the leading brand that sells the most e-bikes in the U.S. is imported from China. Many e-bike makers that claim to be “Made in America” typically source components from China or other neighboring countries. In fact, not many factories here are forging metal bike frames or producing lithium-ion cells for batteries. Therefore, in order to be able to provide products that meet the budget of ordinary people, bicycles, electric bicycles and hundreds of other commonly used products are imported from overseas.

It can be quite surprising how many of the products we use in our daily lives are actually imported from Asia. Now that doesn’t mean these are inferior or low quality products. Not at all… Many of the leading (regular) bikes we’ve grown to like over the years are probably bare components sourced overseas. So what does this have to do with rising prices? Those of you who follow Trump’s “trade war” news know that the president has decided to impose a 25% tariff on almost all imports from China. Trump’s intention may be to completely stop imports from overseas and bring production back to the United States. We won’t talk about that right now… One thing is for sure, e-bike production won’t be coming to the US anytime soon… unfortunately tariffs mean higher prices for consumers, but bringing production to the US will push up prices Than the new tax! Unfortunately, all indications are that e-bike prices are rising for American riders right now…


So maybe you’re wondering…is it too late? Can I find an affordable e-bike before they get more expensive? Well, if you’ve been in the market for the past few weeks or months and have done quite a bit of searching, you might think it’s too late. Yes, many e-bike brands have raised their prices, while others sold out due to high demand before prices went up… On the other hand, at the Powermove e-bike online store, you can take advantage of our low prices to buy a little longer . We don’t just care about riders’ wallets, but we spread the joy of owning an electric bike and build as many lasting relationships as possible. That’s why we continue to offer our GreenBike City Hybrids and City Premiums at such great prices.

Both models feature a powerful 350-watt electric motor and a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that can get you up to 20 mph and keep you going for up to 45 miles! Front suspension and seatpost suspension ensure a smooth ride, while mechanical disc brakes ensure quick and safe stops every time. Both models can also be folded down to the size of a suitcase! They can be stored in your home or office, in the trunk of your car, or even taken on public transport. If that’s not called convenience, I don’t know what is.

A6AH26 is a long-travel Aluminum alloy e-MTB that rips like our beefiest trail rigs and powers you right back up the mountain. You get upgraded everything, including the frame for maximum fun on the gnarliest runs. You also get HOTEBIKE’s latest tech with the new smart system Shimano that has a longer-range 1000Wh battery and cool features that take your ride to the next level like activity tracking, navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Why you’ll love it

1 HOTEBIKE self-designed and produced frame is very impressive, and patent has been applied successfully. An strong head tube that works with burly eMTB-optimized forks for less flex and more precise steering. Three size for options, 26”, 27.5”, 29”. It perfectly meets the different requirements for the height of the frame of different market groups.
2 HOTEBIKE’s Removable Integrated Battery system looks great and is super user-friendly: it fully hides the battery in the frame for protection, makes it easy remove the battery without tools and lets you mount a water bottle cage. And there are total four kind of battery case for options to match different motor power and battery capacity.
3 The waterproof quick release wires are connected with LCD display, thumb throttle, controller and motor, which makes it easier to replace or test those parts when needed.
4 New flashing brake light. Intelligent saftety brake senor system.
When the headlights are turned on, the taillights are also turned on. they will flash whenever the brakes are applied.

It’s right for you if…

You’re looking for a long-travel Aluminum alloy e-MTB with high-performance parts and a lot of battery power. You crave the responsiveness of Aluminum alloy, the stability of a longer reach, the plush feel of high-end suspension, and want the very latest from HOTEBIKE.

The tech you get

An upgraded 6061 Mountain Aluminum alloy frame with longer reach and oversized head tube and seat tube for maximum strength. An extra-long-range 1000Wh battery, a super responsive fork, and shock with a wide-range Shimano drivetrain.

The final word

This bike features across-the-board upgrades that make it a serious ripper—especially the suspension package. It’s built for hammering gnarly descents, then flying right back up again thanks to the powerful motor, 1000Wh battery, and parts that can keep up with all that rowdy riding.

General Electric Bike Road Safety Tips

Staying safe on an e-bike isn’t much different than riding a standard bike. You need to think about defenses that can avoid accidents. No matter where you ride, follow these general Electric Bike Safety Checklist tips to keep yourself and others safe.

1. Wear a helmet

A helmet is the most critical safety feature you can use. For cyclists, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 70%. If you wear a helmet, you’re also 65% less likely to die from a head injury.
Higher speeds can be achieved with an e-bike, which makes protecting your head even more important to avoid accidents without serious head injuries. While wearing a helmet won’t prevent accidents, if they do, it can save your life.

2. Visible and Audible

With an electric bike, you must be able to see and be seen by others. No matter where you ride, visibility prevents accidents. On the road, you can avoid collisions with cars. If you’re riding off-road, greater visibility will make it easier for other trail users to avoid you.

To ensure your visibility, always ride with front and rear lights. At the very least, use one light in the front and one in the back. You can choose to provide additional lighting for the wheels, handlebars and helmet spokes. The more lighting you use, the safer you will be, especially when riding in low visibility or dim conditions.

Wear brightly colored clothing whether you are cycling day or night. Reflective tape on clothing is an ideal solution. But you can also wear white or other bright shades.

In addition to making sure others can see you, install a noise device on your bike to make a sound to alert others of your presence. A bell or horn is louder than a warning to pedestrians ahead.

3. Check your feet

When riding an electric bike, make sure you have safe shoes. Don’t wear flip-flops or other shoes that fall off easily. Also, tie your shoelaces tightly so they don’t come off the spokes or chain. Never ride an e-bike without proper shoes.

Footwear becomes even more critical for e-bikes, as bikes are much heavier than regular light bikes. You can choose pedals that require clip-on shoes or have a flat surface that you can use with any footwear.

If you choose clip-on pedals, you will need to attach your shoes to the clips. These shoes help your feet stay connected to the pedals on rough terrain and higher speeds. For regular mountain biking on an e-bike, you may find clip-on shoes more comfortable and safer. Also, e-bikes with clips on the pedals can generate more torque by pulling the pedals up in addition to pushing down.

When you reach your destination, the flat pedals allow you to jump off the bike wearing street shoes or tennis shoes. If you need to get out of the car in an accident or over rough terrain, the flat pedals make this possible.

The type of shoe you choose needs to cover your foot completely and not slip off easily. Whether you choose clip-on or flat pedals and their corresponding shoes depends on how you ride your e-bike. Because your feet help you control your bike, shoe choices can make your e-bike safer to ride.

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