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Why do heavy riders choose Shuangye electric power bikes?

Why do heavy riders choose Shuangye electric power bikes?

All of electric power bikes have its loading capacity, a number of electric power bikes can load 120kg – 150kg. Unlike other riders, heavy riders or people who want to carry heavy stuff need to consider the loading capacity of electric power bikes. If you are a heavy rider looking for a strong bike, you are in the right place!

electric power bikesA6AH26F(48V 750W)

Strong Frame

One of the key to making a superior bike for our customers is in the frame. Bike frame is the main part of whole bike, it support whole bike loading. Heavy riders know instinctively that bike frames whether strong. We use aluminum alloy double wall tubing design, which provides a stronger base and rust resist than steel or iron, yet retains subtle flexibility and lightness. This keeps the electric power bikes from being too heavy, yet provides a comfortable ride. Aluminum alloy frame not only guarantee the bike loading capacity, also have durable.

electric power bikesA6AH26F

Extra Strong Brake

Some of city electric bikes usually use that little rubber pads attached to the end of the calipers to stop an e bike. However, for heavy riders, that braking force would not be enough. So Shuangye electric power bikes have moder 160 mechiancal disc brakes system instead of standard rim brakes. Whether you use your brakes to stop gently in front of your favorite coffee shop when you are out for an afternoon ride or for an emergency stop heading downhill, you will be able to ride in confidence. If the motor power is hugh, the electric power bikes also use 180 disc brake provides more strong braking force.

electric power bikes

Comfortable, Stable Seats

Actually, a cozy riding experience and feeling is also an decisive factor why people will choose Shuangye electric power bikes. On any bike the seat is the comfort zone. After carefully selected and customer feedbacks, we are confident that you will love riding on our wide and padded seat. Because our seat fix on the seat post by seat clamp, you will never worry about a wiggling seat and you can ride with total confidence, meanwhile you can adjust the height of seat according to your height. Whether you are meandering on a country lane or commuting in a city. Shuangye electric power bikes not only meet heavy riders comfort riding experience, but other requirements.

electric power bikes

Sturdy wheels and tires

Shuangye electric power bikes use aluminum alloy wheel rims to make the wheels more sturdy and more safety. For heavy riders, we abande thin bike tires with low thread counts to asopt super strong fat tire that take heavy riders and the electric power bikes ride through rough terrain and smoothly. And this tires is also a great option for those people who is heavy weight.

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Our wheels are wide thanks to our tires measure 26*4.0-inch or 20*4.0-inch, and great for support and stability. We use double-butted stainless steel spokes per wheel. The smoothness of our tires creates low rolling resistance, so it make electric power bikes riding feeling as same as other mountain bike tire. If you think that fat tire is so big, you can try 26*2.3-inch tire, which we are offer.

electric power bikesA6AH20F

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