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Why people choose electric scooter?

Why people choose electric scooter?

More of people have already come to realize that cruising in an electric way can be really practical and enjoyable as well. At the same time, they are having fun and saving money. Electric bike and electric scooter are the most choice for people as a transportation. But how we choose them, electric bike or electric scooter? Now the majority buys the electirc scooter over electric bike for daily travel and commuting. This post point out 5 reasons what are the advantages that electric scooter has over e-bikes.

Overall Dimensions

In fact, electric scooter overall dimensions is smaller than electric bike. So it is easy carry it in the car, subway and bus. So electric scooter also be a minimum burden for us. Unlike electric bike, electric scooter more portability, compactness and practicality. It store indoor easier. At home, you just fold it and put it behind a counch and nobody knows where it is. And what’s the best part is nobody minds because it doesn’t bother anyone. In your office, you just fold it and take it with you. Take it below your desk and that’s it.

In some bus or metro, it is not allowed to park the electric bike, and some large electric bikes can not put in the car, except you put the bike in truck. But electric scooter can solve these problems, the electric scooter foldable design supports carry it in bus, metro and car. Just need few seconds folding systems will solve all your problems.

Weight is also a reason for people to choose electric scooter. If you live on high floor apartment, it is hard to carry your electric bike up the stairs. Tell you no one want to carry a big guy climbing up to the high floor. Except it have elevator in your appartment building. Actually, it is a little difficult to find an electric bike as same as electric scooter weight. Well, that’s what you get with electric scooters every single time.

Regular Maintenance

Compared with electric scooter, there are too many parts on electric bike. It means it is also have too many potential problems, you need to take more time to maintain your bike. And electric scooter can have a less trouble and spend less time maintain and more time riding. Electric bikes are awesome, practical, and nice to ride as well. But from time to time you have to center wheels, degrease chain, oil it, do the settings on your gear shifters as well. Actually, gear shifters can be a nightmare. So compared with electric bike, electric scooters have a minimalistic design and that design allows us to invest minimal time and effort in keeping everything in order.

Sale price

This part we need to duscuss is the price of electric scooter. For most of people, this is important. We need to accept the fact that we have to invest some money when we have realize electric bike can transform our everyday lives. But electric scooter price is lower than one electric bike, because fewer parts on electric scooters mean that the same amount of money has been invested in fewer parts. If you want to buy a high qulity electric bike, you need to speen more money in it, and this is just the cost. Because of high-quality parts. And the same reason, the electric scooter quality higher, the cost is higher. It means quality decides price.

Easy Maneuvering

General speaking, riding electric scooter must be simplier than electric bike.  If you’ve never ridden an electric scooter before this is something you can do in an hour. When we want to buy a electirc scooter, we need to find out how fast it goes,and what range it will provide us. And comfirm it whether agile and nimble through the traffic and area that we live in. Stability is one of the advantage of electric scooter. When it comes to stability the lower center of gravity-it is the better. Almost every electric scooter has batteries placed in the standing deck. We all know that batteries are heavy and by doing this manufacturer lowers center of gravity.

As a gift

Why choose electric scooter as a gift is better than electric bike? One thing is for sure. Electric scooter isn’t too complicated. An electric scooter will be the most practical and simple as a transportation. Because people can easy learn to control the scooter to riding on the road. It has a design that everybody likes and it is super practical in daily traveling. On the other hand, there is electric bike that might be much more expensive and it can have a design that person might or might not prefer. Electric bike might be too complicated for some people. But there are one thing we need to know, electirc scooter is suitable for use in city, like cement road. If you living in hilly areas, maybe electric bike is better than electric scooter.

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