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Why you choose the electric bike battery 48v 20ah

Why you choose the electric bike battery 48v 20ah

Do you have a low battery when you are cycling an electric bike? When you ride, do you always think that the battery of the electric bike is consumed very fast? And the battery capacity more larger, the electric bike ride more far. So more and more people prefer the electric bike battery 48v 20ah to adapt long-distance riding. Generally, large battery capacity means that you can use the E-bike mode for long time until run out of the battery power. Sometime the electric battery battery 48v 20ah is a good option. Next this post will talk about the electric bike battery 48v 20ah.

What is the difference between the electric bike battery 48v 20ah and other capacity battery? Most of electric bike will equipped with 36v battery, and the capacity is difference.Even some electric bike will installed 48v battery, but most of their capacity is very small, like 48v 8ah.  In terms of battery capacity, the electric bike battery 48v 20ah is larger than other. So this battery can use long time and the bike can ride long distance. Battery capacity large is a good thing, but also have one thing you can not neglect.On the aspect of weight, as the battery capacity increases, its weight also increases.

And the weight of electric bike will be more heavy. Therefore, you need to consider clearly whether you want to buy a 48v 20ah electric bike.  On the aspect of charging time, the electric bike battery 48v 20ah will take long time to charge, which will more take about 2 hours more than other small capacity batteries. But there are many types of charger, like quick charger, standard charger and so on. If you want to cut short charging time, why not try to use quick charger. This is a good idea and choice.

As we all know, large capacity battery need to match with fat tire for make sure of your cycling security. Someone will buy the electric bike battery 48v 20ah for mounted on their own bike, someone will buy an electric bike with 48v 20ah. And here are an 48v 20ah ebike from Shuangye A7AT26 and show for you. This bike was purchased by many customers and the evaluation was good. There are a 48v 20ah triangle battery mounted on the frame for meet your riding requirement. You can also choose two motor power option of 750 watt and 1000 watt. Large capacity battery with high power motor offer you fast speed and exciting riding experience.

And it also have a LCD screen display mounted on the center of handlebar. You can see remaining battery, real time motor power, real-time speed and other ebike information on the LCD screen. For your riding safety, there are 180 mechanical disc brake system on the front and rear wheel and also have a 3W LED front light with USB charging port . For give you a excellent shock absorption, this bike adopted aluminum alloy suspension front fork, which have 100mm change travel.


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