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Why you should get fat tire electric bikes

Why you should get fat tire electric bikes?

Fat Tire Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in these current time. This is because they are very convenient if you need to get to a place quickly and effortlessly. They can be used for a whole selection of purposes, for example, if you need to run an errand quickly, or you can even use them on a daily basis and use it for you commute to work and back.  Next this post some reasons to tell you why.

There are a number of reasons why you should get fat tire electric bikes, first of all is that it can save you quite a bit of money and time because, these types of bikes are not like an ordinary bike, they’re electric! They will save money on your commute and you will get there much faster on a fat tire electric bike as opposed to an ordinary fat tire bike. It you don’t like take bus or subway, buy a fat tire electric bike is a good choice. It riding speed faster than ordinary bike, and use less time.

The second reason is that you don’t have to exhaust yourself pedaling so much whether that be bumpy terrains or steep gradients. Because there are three riding modes, Pedal mode, E bike mode and Pedal assist mode. E bike mode and Pedal assist mode can make you riding more easier. So it will make exploring places that more intimate. There are also five speed adjustable, you can choose one of five to cycle, then use E bike mode. One thing need to attention is that the speed number is higher, the speed is higher. I suggest start from the first speed, it would be more safety to the first time user.

Lastly is that you can get to places much quick than walking, cycling or even a scooter. If you need to run an errand or get to somewhere quick the fat tire electric bikes will get you there without stress. And low rolling resist and suprior grip Kenda fat tire can make your bike biking feeling on the road as same as ordinary bike. And biking steady is better than other bike.

If you are asking what is the best fat tire electric bikes? Then put simply it is the A6AH26F from Shuangye. The add motor is a powered by a 48V/60V 750W brushless rear hub-motor and havs the potential to go faster if you pedal with the level five assist. It can take a max loading weight of up to 200kgs.The max speed this can go on is 45km/h and the max distance is 60-80km per full charge. (You can still pedal if the charge is lost) The charging time is a noteworthy 4-6 hourswith the battey life housed in a sealed pack, which is removable. 48v/60v 10ah/13ah/15ah lithium battery, TEKTRO disc brake or hydraulic disc brake, aluminum alloy 6061 bike frame.

If you want to more information about fat tire electric bikes or browse more electric bikes, welcome to visit our Official Website!


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