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Why your bike spokes keep breaking

Why your bike spokes keep breaking

Bike spokes are a small but important part of a bicycle. Their purpose is to support the weight to the center of the wheel. It is a balancing agent and occasionally affects you due to fatigue. Damaged spokes are not uncommon, and this article will advise you on how to avoid them, repair the spokes yourself, the costs involved, and some top bike recommendations.

Why does your bicycle spoke keep breaking and how to stop it? Bicycle spokes most often break due to wear. A common cause of spoke breaks is that the rider hits a curb or pothole, the bicycle is not well maintained, or the passenger is too heavy for this model. Rough terrain will also damage the rim more quickly and thus damage the spokes more quickly.

Investing in quality bikes that fit your specific terrain can save you time, money and energy.

If you own a bicycle for entertainment or commuting purposes, you should know the correct bicycle for your body type and environment in order to enjoy it as expected.

There is nothing worse than cycling and walking down the street on the way to an important date, or even just trying to go home after working all day, but hearing the rear tire popping. This article aims to help you avoid this situation altogether.

Why are the spokes of your bicycle broken?

Let us first address the reason for the broken spokes. The spokes inside the wheel are designed to evenly balance the rider’s weight and distribute the force around the entire wheel so that it does not collapse like a pancake.

If you are still not sure what the spokes are, then the spokes are thin metal strips like spider webs. Some are more gorgeous than others, but the standard model has 28 to 144 spokes.

The average bicycle has 36 spokes. All of these may be broken at some point.

This situation is not uncommon, and the rider says it will happen eventually, so it’s best to understand the drill. The spokes are no joke (please forgive me) because they keep the entire wheel and keep you straight and move forward.

Reasons may be:

You are riding too hard. – If you are the kind of rider who hits every curb fearlessly with maximum power and works harder to get off the curb, then you will need a bike made for this. If yours has been squashed like spaghetti, it may be a design error. Later in this article, I will provide reasonable prices that may suit your needs.

The wheel structure is not good. – Often designers cut corners, and if your spokes seem to bend every time they shake, the price will reflect. At the beginning of this article, if you have damaged more than 4 spokes this month (this happens to many drivers now), please invest in better wheels. Don’t try to repair them with spokes, and many people do the same. At some point, the wheels will not be repairable, and the repurchase will proceed in an orderly manner.

You are too heavy for that bicycle. – Don’t be ashamed of your game. Many people are 6’7″ football players weighing 250 pounds or more. If this is your case, your wheels may have too few spokes. Invest in higher quality and Higher number of spokes. This can finally solve all problems for you.

Is it the right? – If you notice that the damage has been coming from especially one side – it may be that your chain dropped and the tape ejected from the right side. In this case, you need to drive the side spokes to prevent this from causing future troubles for you. Here’s a free tip: Replace all right spokes at once so you don’t have to return one at a time. It will give you a headache, and you will thank me in the future.

This is just a cheap bicycle. – If you have fewer spokes than needed when riding a mountain bike in the city, you will repair the spokes more frequently. But you are reading this article here, so you can earn points by trying to educate yourself. If the spokes break frequently, buy top-quality wheels to avoid headaches.

What professional cyclists say

In order to prove to you that if you are a loyal rider, this situation is quite common, here are some forum discussions for bike enthusiasts and professional riders:

“My friend who weighs 290 madly broke the spokes and broke the earphones. At least until he got a bike with properly made wheels and stronger earphones. All this assumes a fairly solid rim. . The weaker rim will bend more and force the spokes to do more work (or not to do, as well as fatigue and breakage).”

“I had the same problem on a set of wheels. I broke a spoke every week or every two weeks. My suggestion is that it is a low-cost wheel with weak spokes. Whenever I change the spokes, I will Mark it and make sure that the original spoke is always breaking.”

“I upgraded to a new set of wheels and haven’t had any problems since. The wheels are a very safe investment because you can transfer them to a new (similar) bicycle relatively easily .”

“I wish I could change them at once, not one at a time.”

How to check:

Spokes will fatigue like all metals at some point. You can repair them a few times at most, especially if you have invested in a good quality wheel and you know it has some lifespan. Don’t throw it away, just know how to maintain them.

Check your wheels regularly to adapt them to your road type and terrain.

It’s not difficult, the technique is similar to playing the guitar. String it up like you play a note, and note whether each sound is relatively similar. If the note is loose, you will hear the note flatten out and sound off-pitch compared to other notes. This is a spoke that needs to be tightened.

Do not overtighten the spokes, as this may cause more spokes to break. You will feel the perfect friction sound, which should sound beautifully melodic and consistent with the pitch of the other spokes.

If you need quick repair

You heard terrible pop music on the way home. Don’t be nervous, if you relax, you can ride for another half an hour or so. Riding faster will spread your weight faster, so you don’t have to touch the ground for a long time. Essentially, when you run faster, your weight will lose.

If you feel that the bicycle is exerting force, please do not push it. This may further damage the other spokes, and they will start to turn into terrible J-shaped bends until they all pop out under pressure. This will permanently damage your tire rims and is not worth it.

At this point, get out of the car and push until you can go home or go to a repair shop. This brings me to the next part-

Change your own spokes

You are a professional cyclist and think it’s time to learn to fix it yourself. You can also save some cash through these simple steps:

Have a replacement spoke that fits the diameter of your wheel. It’s easy to take it to the bike shop, they can show you a race.

Put the spokes into the holes that need to be threaded, and keep the pattern and order of the bicycle spokes.

Please pay attention to whether the spokes of your bicycle pass other spokes, pass through and pass through the spokes and the spokes, which is the center of the bicycle wheel. Don’t be afraid to bend it slightly to find a place where it feels support.

Use a spoke wrench to screw it into place. Use guitar stringing again to find a tune that matches the pitch of the other spokes.

If adjusted and tightened correctly, it should make a nice buzzing sound. This is usually easy to fix, and if you follow the steps above to determine the proper tension, the problem will be solved well.

The climate may break your words

An interesting culprit may be your hometown.

If you live in a place with high salt water content, high humidity or frequent rain, this will affect your bicycle. Make sure to store the bicycle in a dry place, away from elements, as rust will ensure that the spokes will break prematurely.

Make sure your spokes are stainless steel, as this will help your climate. It is not completely immune to water, but it is certainly more immune than other materials.

To prevent your bicycle from being corroded, store it carefully. As long as you put your bicycle in a garage or in a waterproof shed, there will be no problem.


If you go to a good bike shop, don’t be surprised if they charge $100-200 (including labor costs). At this cost, depending on your use and purpose, it may be cheaper to buy new wheels. Stores usually charge separately for spokes, ranging from $1-10 per spoke.

The rule of thumb is that if you break more than 5 spokes, it may be time to fully consider replacing a new wheel or a new bicycle. At this point, it may be a problem with the hub or rim, which will only damage more spokes.

Whether it is the spokes of the bicycle, the terrain you use it, the weight, the climate or any other factors, it will not work properly. Spend the tires you find suitable on new tires and read reviews about mountain bikes, street bikes, cruisers or unicycles to find out what is right for you.

Quality bikes worth investing in

If your spokes keep breaking – it may be time to invest in a new bicycle. Don’t make the same mistake and buy the cheapest product on the market. Read the reviews and understand what you need a bike for and the quality you need.

If you change your bicycle spokes every other week, like many others, it seems more cost-effective and time-efficient to spend a little more on the next bicycle purchase.

Some things to consider when looking for a new bike are:

Where are you riding? (Earth shape, gravel, concrete jungle, actual jungle)
If you want to ride a bike in the city with a rider, if you ride a mountain bike, you will not be able to keep up with their street cruisers. Road bikes are unique because they cannot be driven on dirt or sand. As the name suggests, they are only suitable for road driving.

If the idea of driving in addition to traffic scares you-maybe mountain biking is what you are looking for.
When sifting through research, articles, and forums, the bicycle market has many options. I have finished digging, so you don’t have to.

Through discussions such as “Best Bike of the Year” and “Bike Specials” (which in many cases actually still exceed $2,000). And compiled a small list of the most affordable bicycles worth investing in.

Concluding reminder

If you break a spoke, the entire Internet can help you replace it. If you hit the side of the road or break a spoke has become a chore in your life, invest correctly.

Talking will free me from fatigue and remind me of all humans in this way. But with a little love and care, they can be maintained. Becoming a knowledgeable shopper will go a long way.

Then you can gallop freely at sunset, the Bermuda Triangle or wherever you like.

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