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Would you also want a folding electric mountain bike

Would you also want a folding electric mountain bike

As we know, there are so many types electric bike on the ebike market, like folding city electric bike, mountain electric bike, fat tire electric bike, city electric bike and more. There are some people who like to ride electric mountain bike but not have too much space to park it. In order to solve this problem, folding electric bike mountain bike had launched on ebike market. And Shuangye electric bike also launch a folding electric mountain bike, now I want to introduce a folding electric mountain bike here for you. You can know this folding electric mountain bike according to this article.

First of all, let talk about the folding electric mountain bike frame geometric design. Sometime people will ignore one electric mountain bike frame geometric design, but folding electric mountain bike frame is equally important part because of folding electric mountain bike ultimately a mountain bike. A mountain bike need to considered a stable head tube angle, a suitable wheelbase setting and a riser angle suitable for hip treading. Shuangye folding electric bike ( G4 ) use classic folding mountain ebike frame and all the angle and design through precise measurement. It is try the best to design a comfortable and user-friendly folding electric mountain bike.

Next take about the frame material. High quality folding electric mountain bike must use high quality frame material. In order to offer premium quality, Shuangye folding electric mountain bike adopt 100% aluminum alloy frame, electrostatic baking varnish and hydroforming technology. These material and technology make the folding electric mountain bike more lightweight, durability, strong and designed to last, keeps the folding electric mountain bike safety and easier to manoeuvre.

Battery is a part to decide the non-riding time, large electric capacity meant long distance non-riding. Shuangye folding electric mountain bike use 500W hub brushless gear motor and removable 36V 9Ah lithium-ion hidden battery can get 25-30 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 40-60 miles (Assisted Mode) ridding and gives a boost up to 35km/h under ideal condition with full charge. For long distance riding, it is a good idea to combine two riding modes while cycling. And the folding electric mountain bike just need 5-7 hours to finish a fully charging, it is a good choice that charge it at night after a whole day riding. If the battery ran out of, you can choose the third mode – bicycle, riding without any assist like a normal bicycle. 

Shuangye folding electric mountain bike have a high grade LCD digital meter, it not only can change 5 different levels in assisted mode but also can show the distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. You can know the folding electric mountain bike current situation through digital meter information. A 3W efficient electric headlight make sure you have a better view for you night riding. The headlight equipped with a convenient mobile phone charging port, give a hand when your phone run out of battery power.

This wonderful folding electric mountain bike also have quality anti-slip wear resistant tires, gives a fun and rugged riding and it can handle a variety of terrain. Double shock absorption on the folding electric bike with shock-absorbing suspension front forks and rear shock-absorbing, which have a high grade cushioning effect and are very stable. So front & rear shock-absorbing, quality anti-slip tires and collapsible frame make this folding electric bike is comfortable, convenient and portable. Not only provides a good cycling experience but also can save your home space. Just fold it, take it into house and put it beside the door or empty place.

Folding electric bike brake is also important. Most of folding electric bike install mechanical disc brake system, so does Shuangye folding electric bike. This ebike equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brake to ensure your riding safety and makes you more comfortable on long-distance mountain biking and off-road riding. In order to adapt to different people needs and favorite, SHIMANO 21/27 speed derailleur was used on this bike. It is change the flywheel gear smoothly and easily, choose high gear or low gear depend on your like. And the rust resistant chain won’t broke easily, it support riding on muddy and wet roads.

And these are the folding electric bike main information, if you want to know more other detail, try to leave your questions and message below.


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