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zhsydz CE marking safe e-bicycles

zhsydz CE marking safe e-bicycles


safe e-bicycles

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In the past, the different requirements of EU countries on imports and sales of products, according to a national standard for manufacturing goods to other countries may not be very CE authentication in logo, as part of an effort to eliminate trade barriers, CE certification came into being. Therefore, the CE certification on behalf of the European Union. In fact, CE certification or the many national languages of the “community” in this phrase, the original English phrase EUROPEAN COMMUNITY abbreviation for EC COMMUNAUTE EUROPEENNE, after the European community is in French, Italian, COMUNITA EUROPEA, COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA for the Portuguese, Spanish is COMUNIDADE EUROPE, the EC modified CE. Of course, it may be regarded as CONFORMITY CE WITH EUROPEAN certification. We are a professional manufacturer of electric bicycle factory and contribution to the global health, our technical team use the most professional level to technology innovation.