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10 things to avoid when buying a new bike

10 things to avoid when buying a new bike

We all know that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has caused a surge in the number of people who want to go out and ride a bicycle. Some call it the “boom” of overall bicycles, but as demand increases, there is a shortage of supply. Over time, the general question of “how to buy a bicycle” has become more complicated.

buying a new bike

Due to the overall bicycle shortage and shutdowns in the city, bicycle shops operate under very different circumstances. It is understandable if you are frustrated as a new cyclist who just wants to ride a new bicycle. Due to lack of choice, many people start looking for second-hand bicycles to find something suitable for them.

Fortunately, by early March 2021, the situation has improved (vaccine!), and many companies are slowly returning to “normal”. With this, we hope to see the return of a fully functional bicycle shop. If you cant wait to return to your favorite store or want to go to a specialty store for the first time, here are 10 things to keep in mind when buying a new bike in person.

Don’t buy without a trial ride

Before you jump on the saddle and try it out, you dont know how the bike really fits or handles. Try to do more than just a simple pedal around the parking lot; some local bike dealers offer demo bikes that you can rent or borrow, and many bike manufacturers offer free demo days in stores and parks throughout the year. Talk to the salesperson to understand your options.

Do not test the bike in the store and then buy it online

Be sure to try the bike at your local store and bombard the salesperson with any problems you might encounter, but don’t use this knowledge to buy the same bike online for a few dollars. That is bad form. No matter what you do, don’t expect more free advice when you bring a bike you bought online to the same store to solve the problem.

buying a new bike

Don’t just patronize a store or ride a bicycle

When buying a new bike, brand loyalty may be a good thing, but just because you have been riding the same bicycle, it does not mean that you cannot experience the cycling experience of other homes. You either reaffirm your love for it, or find a bike that is more suitable for you. In any case, this is a victory.

Don’t settle for riding a bicycle

If you dont like the handling or appearance of the bicycle, or if it doesnt fit well, please dont buy it just because you get a lot of things. You may own this bike for several years and spend a lot of time on it, which means you should be very satisfied with the kit you get. Not long ago, a friend was buying his dream bike. At that time, he could have got a black model with black lettering, or he could wait until June to get the silver model with black lettering he really wanted. He knew that if he got the black-on-black dogma, every time he went for a drive, he would haunt him. He didn’t want to kick himself, wondering why he didn’t wait for a few months.

Don’t be unwilling to contact salespeople

The Internet is full of information about bicycles, so its easy to think that you dont need help. But the regional manager stated that many bicycle companies provide special online training for their shop staff on their models, giving them access to information you might have overlooked.  Make sure that salespeople ask you as many questions as you ask. A good store with excellent staff should benefit customers first, not just sales.

Dont buy bikes that dont match your cycling goals

Be honest about the type of ride you will be doing, and then focus on these advantages when buying a bike. For example, don’t buy a purely racing bike and then complain because it has been uncomfortable for centuries.

Beware of any bicycles that require extensive modifications to serve you-component replacement can become expensive, and large coordination adjustments (such as adding a bunch of earphone spacers or extra-long stems) can completely change the characteristics of the bicycle. A little adjustment is fine, but if you find that you have a long list of things you want to replace, please shop around and see if there is another bike that better suits your needs.

Don’t skip accessories

Many new riders budget a certain amount for the bike, but completely forget the accessories they need. At the very least, it is recommended to wear a helmet, high-quality shorts with suede padding, floor pumps, water bottle cages and bicycle lights when you go out. Spare inner tubes, tire levers, small pumps or CO2 inflators and ink cartridges must also be purchased.

buying a new bike

Don’t forget to ask about discounts and special offers

Buying a bicycle is a lot like buying a car: you might like the gorgeous Subaru sitting in the parking lot, but if you don’t bargain with the salesperson, you won’t buy it. Why is it different when you buy? You may or may not succeedthe profit margins of new bikes are usually quite smallbut you can usually negotiate discounts for more profitable accessories easily.

Don’t be stingy with proper cooperation

Ask the salesperson to confirm that you are buying a bicycle of the right size, and then make an appointment with a professional fitter in the store to complete all the work. Most decent stores have some type of bicycle assembly service, whether it’s an old-fashioned setup with a plumb bob and tape measure, or a higher-tech motion capture system, or something in between. Riding a bike that doesn’t fit is like driving a beautiful sports car with four small spare donut wheels. Not only do you waste power if you don’t fit, but you also risk (repetitive stress) injury.

Don’t leave the store forever after purchase

When you buy a bicycle in a store, you are also building a relationship. Many local stores offer 30 days of free adjustments and free adjustments for at least the first year, not to mention advice and expertise.

Don’t know how to replace the flat chain or lubricate the chain correctly? Check if the store offers any repair clinics, or ask the store wrench to show you how to do it. Many mechanics will be happy to take you through the routine maintenance and basic repair steps, especially on slow days.

Don’t rule out custom bikes

If you are an experienced rider but can’t seem to find a bike with the specific qualities you want, please consider customizing one. After obtaining the customer’s measurement results, the manufacturer should ask you about your previous bicycle experience, including what features you like and what you dont like; the choice of components and paint; and of course, the budget.

There are some electric bicycle maintenance tips you should know

1. The battery is not charged or undercharged

1. End of battery life: replace or repair the battery;

2. The fuse in the fuse in the battery is broken: replace the fuse;

3. Poor contact between the battery fuse and the fuse holder: adjust the positions of the two to make the contact well, or replace the fuse;

4. The charger has no output voltage or low output voltage: replace or repair the charger;

5. Poor contact between the charger and the AC 220V power supply: reconnect the power supply;

6. Abnormal charger indicator light causes false full charge: replace or repair the charger.

2. The power indicator on the dashboard does not light up but the motor runs normally

1. There is no voltage between the positive and negative leads of the dial: the connector is in poor contact or the lead is open: reconnect or change the wire;

2. The luminous tube is damaged: replace or repair the luminous tube;

3. There is an open circuit on the dial circuit board: replace or repair the meter circuit board.

3. the motor stops when it rotates

1. Insufficient battery power: charge the battery;

2. Poor contact of battery contacts: adjust the position of the contacts or polish the contacts;

3. Poor contact between the fuse tube and the fuse seat in the battery box: adjust or replace to make it good;

4. There is dirt in the photosensitive tube of the photosensitive film in the speed control handle: clean or replace the photosensitive film, wipe the photosensitive tube, but the fault still cannot be eliminated: replace the speed control handle;

5. There is a fault in the controller: replace or repair the controller;

6. The lead of the speed control handle seems to be broken: replace or repair the lead;

7. The brake power-off switch fails: adjust or replace the brake power-off switch;

8. Poor contact after the power lock is ablated: replace or repair the power lock;

9. Virtual connection of the connector in the line: reconnect it to make it contact well;

10. Carbon brushes, wires and windings in the motor are welded or connected: repair or replace the motor.

buying a new bike

4. Turn on the power, the controller works normally, turn the handle, the motor does not rotate

1. Check whether the speed control cable of the right hand handle is off, and whether the controller or motor connector is off;

2. Whether the left and right brakes are powered off.

5. Hard riding and slow speed

1. Check whether the brakes are locked;

2. Whether the inner tube pressure is appropriate;

3. Whether the battery voltage is sufficient;

4. Whether it exceeds the limit slope or head wind.

6Short driving distance

1. Long-term storage of the battery: please recharge the battery first;

2. Whether the tire pressure is insufficient: pump up;

3. Check whether the brake is too tight and rubbing the rim: adjust the brake;

4. Whether the battery is fully charged: recharge;

5. Whether it encounters uphill or headwind: pedal assisted driving;

6. Whether the temperature is too cold: the battery energy cannot be released.

 7Use the key to turn on the power of the electric door lock, the power indicator of the instrument panel does not light up, and the motor does not rotate when the handle is changed.

1. The fuse on the battery box is burned out: replace the fuse;

2. Poor contact of the fuse on the battery box: adjust the fuse tube to make it contact well;

3. Poor contact of the contacts on the battery box: adjust the contacts to make good contact;

4. The contact of the battery box is burned out: replace the contact with a new one;

5. The electric door lock is burned out: replace with a new electric door lock;

6. The battery lead in the battery box is open: update the connection line;

7. The internal circuit of the battery in the battery box is open: replace or repair the battery;

8. The lead of the electric door lock or the lead of the contact is open or in poor contact: re-wiring.

 (8Turn on the power switch, the instrument light is on, but the motor does not turn when the speed control handle is turned on

1. The controller is damaged: replace or repair the controller;

2. Damaged speed control handle: replace or repair the speed control handle;

3. Damage to the brake power-off handle: replace or repair;

4. Internal damage of the motor: replace or repair the new motor;

5. Wire break on the car: reconnect the line.

 9Turn on the power, the motor immediately rotates

1. Damaged speed control handle: replace or repair;

2. The controller is damaged: replace or repair.

10After 8 hours of battery charging, the electric car only ran 10 kilometers

1. Battery aging: replace or repair;

2. Part of the motor is short-circuited: replace or repair;

3. The controller is damaged: replace or repair;

4. The output voltage of the charger is low and the battery is not fully charged: replace or repair the charger

buying a new bike

Anyone who makes a bicycle should document every step of the processfrom cutting the steel pipe to the frame returned by the painterand share photos with customers via email and social media. In the end, the customer obtains an exquisite bicycle manufactured in full accordance with its specifications at a lower cost than an ultra-high-end racing bicycle.

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