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20 inch magnesium integrated electric bicycle kit

36v 250w electric bike kit
20 inch magnesium integrated ebike kit
CE EN 15194 Standar

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20 inch magnesium integrated electric bicycle kit,Structure is Cassette Sprokets and Disk Brake(F/R CNC),rear wheel match bearing to riding in electric bike,tyre size is 20*1.95 inch,The material is magnesium alloy,compared to magnesium wheels,aluminum wheels are more durable and will last longer than other materials. Aluminum wheels are stronger than magnesium wheels, with the latter being more delicate and more difficult to make. They are strong enough for use with your electric bike without suffering significant wear and tear in the process. They come as standard on some vehicles, making them suitable for regular electric bike while other types are more suited to specialized electric bike, such as those DIY rider.

The conversion kit combines the full E-bike technology: direct drive Brushless hi-torque hub Motor combine, NiMH or Li-Ion rechargeable batteries to change almost every bicycle into a personal electric bike. Save energy, protect environment and save money with a lot of fun.
High power brushless front hub motor that allows up to 25 KM/H top speed.
Full Completely conversion kit included:
1.Brushless Front Hub Motor mounted 20″ magnesium integrated wheel . the Hub Motor power can reach up to 250W. the dropout width is 135mm.
2.Brushless Controller, This Controller can be powered by any 36V voltage battery pack with a min. 30A peak discharging drain current.
3. throttle with LED Light and Battery Energy Gauge.
4.One pair of brake lever switch.
5.One pedal assist sensor.6.42v 2A charger

It is possible for the material to be combined with other substances, such as magnesium. This will create alloy wheels that take benefits from each of the materials, which will make them both strong and light.


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