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3 Newly High Speed Electric Bikes

3 Newly High Speed Electric Bikes

What means high speed electric bikes? Actually, there are no definition for high speed electric bikes, we can call an e-bikes which can hit 60 km/h as high speed electric bikes, we also can call an e-bikes which can hit 40 km/h as high speed electric bikes. And more high speed, maybe we can call them electric motorcycle, not electric bike. So here will recommended 3 newly high speed electric bikes.


There are 5 pedal assistance levels on each new design high speed electric bikes, the first level can reach speed of 25km/h while the second level and the third level can reach 30km/h and the forth level and the fifth level can reach 38km/h or more. In sometime, that’s not bad for an electric bike that can travel faster than some urban electric motorcycles.


This 3 newly high speed electric bikes have a common point, that is the same of motor power and battery capacity. To reach the max speed of 40km/h or more then you will need the 500 W, 750 W, 1000W motor power. Because the high speed electric bikes gets its insane top speed of 40km/h thanks to the 500W high power motor. Customers also get a range of battery options. There are 48V 10AH lithium battery, which is sufficient for around 40-50km. Or you counld all the way up to a 48V 13AH/15AH battery to reach 60 km of range.


What about the bike frame material? All electric bikes in Shuangye are used to aluminum alloy, which is light, durable and rest rust. The lightweight aluminum frame and power dense motor keep the bike’s at 30kgs weight, at least when spec’d with the small battery capacity option. Aluminum alloy frame not only contriube to the ebike’s heavy weight, but it can use lasting.

Suspension fork is pretty important for these 3 newly high speed electric bikes, they all hold a factory-tuned 100mm travel fork. There’s no rear suspension – it’s a hardtail. But if you like full suspension mountain electric bike, you also can choose A6AH26-S.


Bike tire is one different point bewteen the 3 newly high speed electric bikes, one bike(A6AH26F) adopt 26×4.0-inch fat tire tire, which should absorb some smaller pot holes. And the other two e-bikes, one(A5AH26) can use 26×1.95-inch or 28×1.75-inch bike tire, one(A6AH26) equipped with 26×1.95-inch or 27.5 even 29 -inch bike tire. Both of bike tire will provide superior grip and low rolling resistance.


Tektro mechinacial disc brakes and 160 mm (or optional 180 mm as motor power more 500W) rotors provide stopping power for these high speed electric bikes. Other high qulaity bike components inculde a SHIMANO 21 speed transmission with derailleur clutch, 3W bright LED front light with USB charging port and big screen multi-function LCD display.

There are 3 newly high speed electirc bikes give you most fun and exciting biking experience. Just don’t take it on any public streets without being in power-limited mode and remember to wear a helmet. If you want more power, a larger battery, a nicer drivetrain, a fancier charger, or any number of other upgrades – they’ll cost you dearly.

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