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Why people would like to choose folding electric mountain bike

Why people would like to choose folding electric mountain bike

We often talk about electric mountain bike, and there are many different kinds and styles of mountain ebikes that you also opt. Folding electric mountain bike is one of them. The folding electric mountain bike is extremely popular for a lot of different aspects, especially it is so extremely mobile. For example, when you go mountain biking or off road riding at desolate and remote location where is far from your living place, cycling to there is not a good and ideal ways. Or if you need to carry an electric mountain bike over rough area and some place that you will need to physically bring it, and this can be incredibly difficult. And this is reason why people like to opt the folding mountain electric bike.

In fact, any folding electric mountain bike usually looks difference to any other electric mountain bike, the biggest ponit is foldable frame to able to fold into a compact and simple to carry size within tens of seconds, and without the use of tools. It is so convenient when you need to carry it, and it also a benefit for those house whom doesn’t have too much free space place. You just need to fold it after finish biking and then store at a corner, it wouldn’t occupy too much space. When you buy a folding electric mountain bike on your own, this is good ways to meet more and more riders who openly delight in taking their folding bike any place their spirit of adventure takes them.

Folding electric mountain bike combine adventure and portable. If you have an interest in acquiring it, then there is an excellent brand you need to bear in mind of. Shuangye is specialized in mountain electric bike munufacturer, their variety of bikes covers electric mountain bike, and there are many styles, it also include folding electric mountain bike. They are continuously broadening their product line and collaborations and are absolutely among the most budget friendly alternatives here as well.

And here recommend one of folding electric mountain bike from Shuangye – G4.  This bike use classic folding electric mountain bike frame and all the angle and design through precise measurement. It is try the best to design a comfortable and user-friendly folding electric mountain bike. In order to each rider can enjoy their riding, this bike adopt high quality aluminum alloy frame, keep the bike more lightweight, durability, strong and designed to last, keeps the folding electric mountain bike safety and easier to manoeuvre.

Considering each cyclist have different requirements, this folding electric mountain bike also design three riding mode, E-bike mode, Pedal Assist mode and Pedaling mode. And it also have 5 pedal assistance levels and thumb throttle. There are many types of  motor power and battery capacity you can choose. 36V 250W or 350W even 500W motor power and 36V 11.6AH or 13.6AH you can choose depend on your needs. All of these are try the best to design a comfortable and user-friendly folding electric mountain bike.

The folding electric mountain bikes are definitely worthwhile, and absolutely worth the rate that you will pay for them, particularly when you consider the convenience and benefit that they are going to bring you.

If you are interested in Shuangye folding electric mountain bike and want to know more information about them, leave massage below or visit our Official Website!


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