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5 best beach cruiser electric bikes for 2019

5 best beach cruiser electric bikes for 2019

Some electric bikes designed for sport and off road, this bikes will make our riding more exciting and crazy. Enjoy the fun of mountain biking. But these sport electric bikes do not often lend themselves to casual riding on beach. If you just purchase one of these bikes, your biking experience could be hindered greatly especially for beginners. And what is beach cruiser electric bikes? General speaking, beach cruiser electric bikes are design for causal riding, and have a very comfortable, upright riding position, and a large and comfortable seats. Some of them also usually have a piece of wider fat tire, and handlebars that have even more upright.

Why to choose beach cruiser electric bikes

There beach cruiser electric bikes ensure you optimal cycling experience without being bogged down with excess design features. They not only suitable for riding on beach, but also use on the city road. Great for beginners and perfect for someone who wants their exercise free and fun! Compared with other style electric bikes, the seat of beach cruiser electric bikes are big and comfy you feel more comfortable, every time you are on the ride. Moreover, some cruiser bikes equipped with gender-specific seats. These bikes are simple to control because of tires that are wide and their upright seating positions, so it is very friendly to beginners. Next, there are five beach cruiser electric bikes from Shuangye electric bike, all are suitable for men and women.

A7AT26 beach cruiser electric bikes

First of all, here is one hot sale beach cruiser electric bikes for you. The biggest highlight is its motor power,  it has five choice of motor power, 500w, 750w, 1000w, 1500w and 2000w. You can choose one depend on your like or your needs, and the beach cruiser electric bikes equipped with fat tire. But if you want to buy this one for casual riding on the beach, 500w or 750w motor power is a good choice. Because too high motor power is not conducive to riding on the beach. Except casual riding, this bike also can used on the off road riding and daily travel.

A6AH20F beach cruiser electric bikes

Next one is 20-inch wheel beach cruiser electric bikes. This bikes adopted 20-inch small fat tire, whatever women, men, children or elder, this bike is suitable for them to beach cruiser. And it also equipped with 36v 8ah or 46v 10ah hidden battery and 250w or 350w rear hub motor. They can support this bike travel up to 40km – 60km, and the max speed of this beach cruiser electric bikes is 25km/h – 30km/h. You can enjoy the casual riding on the beach, feel the sea breeze and listen to the waves. And this bike also adopted three riding modes, like E-Bike mode, pedal assist mode and Bike mode, so you can choose one to biking or combine them make you more energy efficient and ride farther.

A6AH26F beach cruiser electric bikes

And this beach cruiser electric bikes are similar with 20-inch small fat tire beach cruiser electric bikes. It also used hidden battery, rear hub motor and fat tire, but this one was equipped with 26-inch standard size wheel. So it is suitable for those who like big size bike or tall. And there are 350w or 500w you can choose. It not only casual riding on the beach, also daily travel and short-distance riding. But the standard beach cruiser electric bikes is not equipped with rear rack and fender, if you need we can meet your requirement.

A7AM20 beach cruiser electric bikes

If you want to purchase beach cruiser electric bikes, but have not too much store space. Here show you foldable beach cruiser electric bikes. 20-inch small fat tire and fold frame design can help save more space, just need three step finish folding. The bike used comfortable seat and upright handlebar, make your riding position more comfy. And it has black and white for you choose. Two choice of motor power, one is 250w power, another is 350w power. LCD digital screen display show you about this bike real-time working information, like remaining battery, motor power, error sign, pedal assist level and so on.

A3AL26 beach cruiser electric bikes

Someone do not like fat tire beach cruiser electric bikes, so here introduce one 26-inch standard wheel beach cruiser electric bikes. Unlike other beach cruiser electric bikes, this bike used 26″*1.95 wheel for all kind of outdoors in the city and countryside and help you to ride on every surface, even on the beach, rugged and muddy road easily. And it also feature shimano 7 speed, 36v 10ah battery, 250w  or 350w hub motor and aluminum alloy front fork. You just need take 5-7 charging the battery, then this bike can travel 40-60km and the max speed is 25km/h – 30km/h. This beach cruiser electric bikes look great and rides even better, it is suitable for everyone who like biking.

Which one are you like, if you want to know more information about one of beach cruiser electric bikes, please leave a message below. You can also browse other electric bikes on our Official Website.