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500W electric motor kits for bicycle quick release

500W electric motor kits for bicycle quick release

Well, electric bike is more and more convenient for people. There are two way to get an electric bike. One is buy an electric bike, another is DIY an electric bike. Many people, which have a strong hands-on ability, want to try DIY an electric bike with their normal bike because of the cheap price of electric motor kits for bicycle. This is a set electric motor kits for bicycle share with you.

This is a set 500W waterproof electric motor kits for bicycle with quick release. It is easy to DIY an electric bike for those who is the first time to DIY an electric bike or never know the electric bike before. There are 26 inch rear 48V 500W brushless motor wheels, smart controller, controller box, 1:1 PAS sensor, thumb throttle, brake lever, LED front headlight, LCD display and other small components. And one set electric motor kits for bicycle was package in a box with some plastic foam.


500W mini motor is high efficiency and stable high speed. And this brushless motor gives riders having a quite riding surrounding and easily assists you to travel at the 30 mph road speed limit. Based on this motor, it will being a power while riding give you a comfortable, fast and excellent experience. Not fear getting too hot and sweaty. It is also waterproof, you can riding in rainy after you assemble the electric motor kits for bicycle on your normal bike. If you need other power motors, we can provide you with different power motors in the same configuration.


This electric motor kits for bicycle is equipped with a 26 inch rear wheel with motor and the rim made up of aluminum alloy. Making the wheel more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity. And 26” rear wheel suit a majority of electric bike wheel size. If you want to other size wheel, it can change other size wheel in the same configuration.


A smart controller is one of the essential part in electric bike which manage the electric system operating. Through it, the motor and battery link with LCD display and front headlight. The controller keep the electric bike operating normally. A controller box is equipped with a controller to protect it not damage by external factors.

LCD display

A LCD is equipped with the electric motor kits for bicycle. It can help you observe your electric bike motor and battery situation. Of course, not only this two components, it also can tell you about the riding speed, trip distance, PAS lever, headlight display sign and more. It will be a good helper when you maintain your electric bike. According to LCD display information, sometime you can adjust riding speed and riding time. And the LCD display should be installed on the center of handle.

In order to you install this set electric motor kits for bicycle easily, we design quick release for each link with different color. So you can assemble according to color matching, it is so easy for those who have weak hands-on ability.

If you want to know more information about electric motor kits for bicycle, please write down and contact us freely!


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