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Upgrade your electric bike old front light to new front light

Upgrade your electric bike old front light to new front light

What is the different points between the old one and the new one? Actually, the front lights were upgraded to a 3W LCE front light with a mobile phone charging port. Now let us share the way and steps how to replace old front light to new frontlight.

You can click on the link below and watch the replace new front light video.


We take the A1-7 folding electric bicycle as an example. First we need to prepare a conversion connector, 10 cable ties, a winding tape, a new front light with cable, multi-tools and a screwdriver. And follow the steps below.

Fold the electric bike up

Unscrew the screws of fixing cover and remove it, then take out the controller

Disconnect the old front light line

Cut fixing cable ties and winding tape, pull the old front light line out of the frame

Use 8 mm in the multi-tools and screwdriver unscrew the headlight bolt

Remove the old front light

Install the new front light and reserved for a length of 12 cm headlight line

Wrap the lines and tie the lines to the frame with cable ties

Take new line through the frame hole and from the rear pipe hole into the rear pipe, then take it out

Just three steps to replace lines
1.Disconnect the LCD display line plug of controller
2.Connect the Conversion connector, one conversion line connect LCD display line plug and another is connected the new front light line plug
3.Connect controller line plug and new front light line plug

Connect the battery line plug

Organize the controller lines and put it into frame, then screw the fixing cover, unfold back frame

Fix lines with the fixing buckle and cable ties

Turn on the LCD to check its work situation

If you want to a set new front light kit, please write down below or contact us freely.


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