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7 reasons for an electric pedal bike slows down

Feel that your electric pedal bike slows down?Do not worry,we have summarized 7 reasons may cause the problem.Carefully checked out,and you may found the solution to make your electric pedal bike more quickly like a new one.

  • The battery is exhausted.You may found that when your battery is going to used out,your riding speed can never be improved even when the shifter turns to the highest stalls.This is a protection to the battery,you can solve the problem easily by charging the battery.
  • The speed limit device.Many countries and regions require that an electric pedal bike speed do not exceed an exact speed,so the  electric pedal bike  manufacturers general will set a speed limit cable,you may shear the cable to have a more quickly riding.
  • The motor turns demagnetization. Your often-overloaded will weakened the motor magnetic,a strong shock or high temperature will also cause the problem,if the motor turns demagnetization,the power will be weakened,and the speed will absolutely be slowed down.
  • The shifter problem.If the plug contact resistance is too large,the motor rotating speed will slow down.You should detect the signal cable voltage,when the shifter turns maximum angle,the voltage should be 4.2 volt.If the less than the data,the electrode will get slower,you should change the brake lever.
  • Three adjustable speed device malfunction.Many  electric pedal bike equipped with this device,it shifts by controller accelerating the commutation frequency to enhance current and motor power.When switch turns to normal stalls,the speed will slows down obviously.
  • Controller malfunction.The motor’s rotating speed can influence your riding speed,it depends on the magnitude of controller,the bigger the output current is,the speed will be more quickly.When controller not match the motor power,it will slows down your riding speed.
  • The tire pressure is not enough.Whether there is enough pressure in the tire makes great influence to  electric pedal bike ‘s speed.If the pressure is insufficient,the riding resistance will be strengthen,causing more power consumption and slows down the speed.



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