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Technologies a truly intelligent pedelec bike should have

Electric car intelligent is an application composed by modern communication and information technology,computer network technology,product technologies and intelligent control technology,it is aimed at electric car management,using and communicating.Intelligent trend of pedelec bikes can be divided into two aspects-intelligent management and driving intelligent.

Intelligent management mainly include Internet of things,applications,automatic trouble-shooting.

Internet of things is a carrier between Internet and traditional telecommunications network,it is a network who can make interconnection between normal physical objects.It’s applications in pedelec bikes solved the problem about interaction between bike to road and bike to person.The main functions include two aspects:Intelligent anti-theft,making citizen’s daily travel more convenient by providing anti-theft,navigation,location,maintenance and other useful functions.Public management,proving the location of pedelec bike to public administration,an pedelec bike should be equipped with sensor module to transfer information about location,safe state and speed.

As a communication terminal control software,a future application should include charge control, timetable and smart aftermarket.In charge control mode,the application will show the remaining battery capacity,if it is too low,then the application will lead you to the nearest charging station.In schedule mode,when riding on the road,the software will show driven mileage, left capacity,navigation map and so on,users can see detail information such as total time,distance,travel time and charging time.If you are planning a travel by pedelec bike,you can decide the next station according to the above information so that you can avoid a battery-used-up situation.In smart aftermarket mode,users can solve the problems by contacting with maintenance staff,even ask for emergency rescue when there is malfunction.

In automatic trouble-shooting,the technology has already been applied to automotive field,and will be applied to pedelec bike in the future.When diagnose malfunctions in computer operating system by using a software which matches the pedelec bike model,users can see the performance data in their pedelec bike,know the work of the system in their pedelec bike,so they can quickly judge what the malfunction is and where it happened.

Automatic trouble-shooting include wireless charging,remaining mileage estimate,automatic identification of obstacles and Intelligent voice system.

Wireless charging is a technology by the magnetic field changes the electromagnetic coil to transfer energy,people can use it at rest or in the running,this technology make pedelec bike get rid of fixed charging bases and avoid spontaneous combustion caused by charger.

Remaining mileage estimate collect information about weather, road conditions, road type, road grade to get high accuracy remaining mileage estimate through big data.Currently,the technology is being studied by North Carolina State University.

Automatic identification of obstacles apply distance sensor and image recognition module,collect information of safety state and make emergency response-get the pedelec bike slowed down.In recent years,pedelec bike traffic accidents occur frequent,applying this technology will greatly reduce the accident rate and reduce the degree of personal injury.

Intelligent voice system can capture the audio signal,identify it as code and text and perform the appropriate action,it has been applied in mobile phones, smart home so far,but absolutely will be applied to pedelec bikes.



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