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750W high power bafang motor electric sports bike

750W high power bafang motor electric sports bike

With the promotion of new energy transportation vehicles, electric sports bike becoming a daily travel transportation tools for people. In comparison with non electric bike, mostly people will choose a long assist riding electric sports bike, thanks to its comfortable, save time and energy. It not only can commute to avoid traffic jam every day, also do a exercise after-work, and weekend to rides on gravel roads easily. To meet you have a excellent and comfortable riding experience, here will recommend a high power electric sport bike – Shuangye A6AH26, which bring you brand new cycle feeling.

This electric sports bike was equirpped with bafang motor, which is a famous motor brand in electric bike component industry. If you like high power motor, this bike maybe a nice choice to you, 750W gearless brushless hub motor mounted on the electric sport bike, which assist you travel at 40km/h speed easily. There are also the foundation configuration 500W motor parameter. Whether daily activities, off road, commute or uphill, it always provide enough power and experience a fast and smooth riding, save more time and energy everyday. We believe this electric sports bike will change your concept of travel providing a clean, efficient and transportation that is affordable to you.

Next battery also is one of highlight of this electric sports bike. In order to provide more electric power, it comes with a 48V lithium-ion battery as power supply. There are three capacity-10ah, 13ah and 14ah, choose one depend on your need. Combining with three riding modes, enjoy non-pedaling and long time riding journey every time, help you save more body energy. And you will get 25-30 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 40-60 miles (Assisted Mode) riding under ideal condition with full charge. If your battery has run out, choose Pedal Mode to pedal your bike is a great idea and a good exercise way. Electric sports bike charging time also a factor people consider, this bike just 5-7 hours fast charging per time.

The third feature is hydraulic disc brake on front and rear wheel, which is more seal design for prevents dirt and debris from trail entering the brake fluid or the hose and cylinder. And offing far more power and control when it comes to the actual braking process than their mechanical counterparts. Most of electric sports bike often installed mechanical disc on an electric bike. But comparing with mechanical disc brake, the power and modulation of hydraulic disc brake is far superior.

As like as mostly mid-high-level electric bikes installed a LCD display, so does this electric sports bike. It installed a high grade LCD digital meter, you not only change 5 different levels with control button, but also show you distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. According to these information, you can know working situation of electric mountain bike clearly. In order to your night riding security and provide you a better view, we also install a 3W efficient front light with mobile phone charging port and reflectors on bike.

An electric sports bike made of different components, each part is important. We insist a excellent and comfortable riding experience depend on high quality e bike components. So we use SHIMANO 7/21 speed derailleur and 27.5*2.35 bike tire(fatter than normal bike tire). You also can change low gear or high gear by flywheel gear depend on your different need, which is change smoothly and easily. And electric sports bike also equipped with rust resistant chain, soft saddle and comfortable hand bar, make you have a excellent riding feeling. A front 3W LED light with a 5V 1A USB charging port and new design rear LED light (flashing when braking), both of them provide a bright riding vision at night and remind others and vehicles to ensure your safety.

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