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How electric bikes are fighting coronavirus

How electric bikes are fighting coronavirus

The ramp-up in recent years in new mobility has helped ease the strain on people working and daily travelling during COVID-19 period. To help people to reduce the frequency of taking bus and subway. Now many countires did many of the current efforts are focused on ramping up mobility efficiency, ensuring mobility safety and making the most out of the existing system. Each of these tactics can boost efficiency in daily travel even after the novel coronavirus crisis has passed.

With the rise of confirmed case, more and more cities shut-downs, electric bikes and scooters have become the best available commute options of people, who still need to work and daily travelling. Later, micro-mobility options have proven just how agile and essential they can be in addressing the rapid changing emergency.

With transportation system-wide closures become more and more pervasive in cities, electric bike and electric scooter are becoming the most reliable transportation for each one. Compared with cars, electric bikes not only reduce mobility costs, also ensure each one can afford it thanks to different electric bike models have different price. Personal transportation mobility keep people a safe distance and running as effectively as possible.

Here, I will recommend several electric bikes in different styles:

A1-7 is a economy folding electric bike with 20 inch aluminum alloy foldable frame, steel or aluminum alloy foldable stem, 36v 10ah battery removable, 36v 250whub motor, max speed 25km/h. It is convenient to carry in the bus, subway and car trunk. There are two colors can choose(Black and White).

A3AL24 electric bicycle with 24 inch classic city bike frame design, two battery styles(hidden battery and rear rack battery), 24v 250w motor, 24v 10ah battery, steel front fork, V-brake provide you enough braking when emergency.

A6AB26 popular affordable mountain electric bike with classic mountain ebike frame design, 36v 10ah removable bottle battery, 36v 250w/350w gearless brushless hub motor, max speed 25-30 kn/h, LCD display, TEKTRO 160mm mechanical disc brake, which support use in all-weather. 

A3AL28 city electric bicycle with 28 inch classic city bike frame design, two battery styles(hidden battery and rear rack battery), 36v 250w motor, 36v 8ah/10ah battery. There are two front fork styles, one is suspension al-alloy front fork, another is steel front fork, you also can shoose V-brake or disc brake depend on your need.

A6AH26 is one of the hot sale of electric mountain bike and equipped with 26 inch bike frame(27.5 inch and 29 inch can choose), 250W/350W brushless hub motor, 25km/h-40km/h max speed, 36V 10AH lithium battery and can enjoy up 40-60 km on a single charge, shimano 21-speed system(7/9/27 speed can choose).

If you want to know more about the COVID-19 info or electric bikes detail information, read the related articles in the past or bookmark our Official Website.


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